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  • PTA Board Recruitment

    Dear Abernethy families,


    Next year’s PTA Board Elections are coming soon, and we’re here to answer questions and help community members get involved. Read on for information about open positions and contact information.  


    Thank you,


    The Abernethy PTA Recruitment Team



    The Abernethy PTA Board is seeking nominations for new members!  Most PTA positions are 1 or 2 year terms, so every year is an opportunity for new people to get involved. As PTA leaders, board members help nurture a school culture that reflects community priorities, so add your voice! Elections will be held at our PTA Community Meeting on May 16th at 6:30.


    Did you know that there is a wide range of commitment levels for PTA board positions? From co-chairing an event that you love to remotely keeping tabs on statewide education advocacy efforts, coordinating the weekly Monday Mailer newsletter to taking checks to the bank, or distributing funds to mini-grant applicants, there are opportunities for participation that fit a variety of schedules and interests.


    If you and/or someone you know is interested in joining the PTA board for the 2019/2020 school year, let us know by emailing the Recruitment team at abernethyptarecruitment@gmail.com . Whether you are interested in a specific role or want to learn more about a variety of positions, we are here to help! You can also let us know if there is someone you think would be a great candidate, and we will be happy to reach out. If you’re a current PTA member interested in joining the recruitment/nominating committee, please let us know that as well. This committee is responsible for ensuring wide outreach to encourage broad representation from our community on next year’s PTA board, and is a short-term commitment (ends at the May 16th election).


    Current roles open for 2019/20 (job descriptions found here):  


    Elected Positions

    Standing Committees


    Vice President



    Finance Team: Two people--Check Writing and Deposits


    Volunteer Coordinator


    ECommerce Manager

    Fundraising Co-Chairs: Tour de Ladd, Annual Appeal, Auction, Fun Run

    New Family Connections

    Garden Education

    Event Chair: Chili Cook-Off

    Event Chair: Harvest Social

    Spanish Program Coordinator

    Advocacy Chair

    Safe Routes to School Co-Chair

    Grounds Coordinator

    Mini-Grant Coordinator

    Student Support Coordinator

    Basketball Coordinator

    The PTA welcomes you! Please contact the recruitment team at abernethyptarecruitment@gmail.com or our current co-presidents, Kirsten and Carolyn, at abernethyptapresidents@gmail.com to learn more.

  • Change in Abernethy School Calendar

    Change in school calendar for June...
    5th grade continuation will be on Friday June 7th at 2:00 PM
    Field day will be either Monday June 10th
    Last day of school is Tuesday June 11th