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  • 2019/2020 Evening Scholars

    Fall 2019 Evening Scholars

    September 23 – January 16, 2020
    Nightly:  5:00 – 8:15pm


    Registration process:  Students must be pre-registered for specific courses by their high school counselor.  Pre-registration begins August 26th

    Pre-registration and registration are not a guarantee of enrollment into a class due to our prioritization of students we serve.  We will continue to enroll students through June 14, which may result in lower prioritized students being bumped from a class.  

    Our prioritization process uses the student’s current grade level and is as follows:

    1.   PPS Seniors
    2.   PPS Juniors - credit recovery
    3.   PPS Sophomores - credit recovery
    4.   PPS Freshmen - credit recovery
    5.   PPS students - initial credit (only if there is room in a class)
    6.   out-of-district students - only if there is room

    Please contact our office with any questions regarding our Evening or Summer Scholars program:  (503)916-5720. 


    Fall 2019 Evening Scholars Calendar

    August 26:            Registration is open.  Students must meet with their high school counselors.

    September 23:      Classes begin.

    October 22:           No class.  Benson 8th Grade Open House.

    October 31:           No class.  Halloween.

    November 1:         Progress reports send out.

    November 4 – 7:    Tutorial Week – Students with C’s or below are required to attend.  Students with A’s or B’s have the option of attending.

    November 11:       No class.  Veterans Day. 

    Nov 25 – 28:         No class.  Conferences and Thanksgiving.

    Dec 23 – Jan 2:    No class.  Winter Break.

    January 13 – 16:  Finals Week.




    Tutoring occurs before and after class in the library and counseling center, and during class in classrooms where teachers have requested extra help in their classrooms. Tutoring can be requested via our website under the “Program Info” tab.


     Tuesday through Thursday ESL teachers will support ESL students in their classes.


    During Summer Scholars, bus passes will be provided for students who take public transportation for them to use the following day.

    Meal Service

    We have meal service at Summer Scholars for our students free of charge. Breakfast and/or lunch are served before or after class. Please note that proof of free/reduced meals eligibility is not required. All meals served to students during Evening and Summer Scholars are free of charge.


    Inclement Weather Communication Specifically for Portland Evening Scholars: 


    1. If ALL Portland Public Schools are closed for the day, there will be NO Evening Scholars classes.
    2. If ALL Portland Public Schools are dismissed early due to weather, there will be NO Evening Scholars classes. 
    3. If there is a district-wide delayed start, Evening Scholars WILL have classes.
    4. If specific schools are closed (not district-wide), Evening Scholars WILL have classes. 
    5. Check back to our Evening Scholars website for any updates throughout the day:  
    6. For days when the weather may change during the afternoon or evening, we will do our best to make our announcement by 3:00 PM.  
    7. We will communicate our decisions via our Evening Scholars website and our School Messenger system, which pulls contact numbers from Synergy.




    Portland Evening and Summer Scholars

    A Credit Recovery Program

    546 NE 12th Ave, Portland, OR  97232

    Office:  (503) 916-5720   Fax:  (503) 916-2691


    Office hours (approx):

    September – June:  10:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Mon – Thur

    June – August:  8:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Mon – Fri


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