Beaumont School

  • Student Schedule Change Policy

    The following are reasons why you should submit a schedule change request:
    1. Your student is scheduled for an incorrect course (i.e. they are in 6th grade, but are scheduled for an 8th grade Language Arts class).
    2. Your student is missing a class and/or has an extra class.
    3. Your student should be in a different level of math (i.e. they were enrolled in Compacted Math, but should have been enrolled in Common Core).
    4. Your student wants a different elective course (these requests are dependent on class size and availability and CANNOT be guaranteed. Students will only be able to change to electives offered the same period that have open seats).
    The following are NOT valid reasons to submit a schedule change request:
    1. You/your student want(s) to request a different teacher for a course.
    2. You/your student want(s) to change the order of courses within their school day.
    3. Your student wants to be in more classes with their friends
    For schedule changes, please use the following link:
    If you have any additional questions about your child's schedule, please contact Tonya Arnold, Assistant Principal, at