• Principal Message 5/6/22

    May 6, 2022

    Weekly OGMS Family Communication


    Greetings OG families,


    We would like to thank all of those who were able to join us last night for our Community and Culture night as well as the efforts of the students and staff to organize the event and prepare materials.  Our Social Studies team, Chris Riser, Heather Siegfried, Rebecca Halbig, and Paige Phillipson lead staff efforts to make this event a success and were supported by numerous other staff members office, support, Arts staff, SUN and SEI.  We hope to be able to make this event a tradition at Ockley Green.  


    Additionally we’d like to recognize that many community members have reached out to share their thoughts about some potential upcoming changes to some of our offerings in our Arts and Electives departments.  While we continue to offer a robust array of electives, our move to yearlong PE/Health to meet state education guidelines, as well as anticipated declines in enrollment reducing our staffing allocation, and changes in student forecasting interests have in some ways impacted our potential offerings.  We appreciate the community feedback and the advocacy that’s occurred with regard to efforts to support the assignment of additional staff FTE to Ockley Green.  We will also continue to collect student and parent feedback to provide to the incoming administration team (once the principal selection process has been completed).  


    In any changes in programming we first look for opportunities to best address systemic opportunity gaps that have negatively impacted the offerings provided to our BIPOC students and we work to ensure our programming is centered on serving their needs.  We also seek to provide a diverse array of student-feedback-informed options for elective programming.  


    While we are not able to offer all things for all students we are happy to report that we’ve been able to continue to preserve many of our elective offerings in dance, music, and art despite cuts in FTE and the move to yearlong PE/Health.  As we progress through the spring hiring process and in our team’s anticipated work with the new admin team we will continue in our efforts to monitor and adjust for multiple scenarios, including shifts in student interest and also staffing FTE so that our incoming admin team have access to the most updated information regarding possible adjustments to expand our academic and elective offerings - again centering these efforts on our mission to improve student outcomes, particularly for our historically underserved students.


    Dr. Tania McKey

    Interim Principal - Ockley Green


    Resources for Families



    Adopting Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum: Ockley Green Needs Your Opinion!

    Ockley Green is one of the pilot schools participating in the PPS Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) program adoption process.  SEL is the process through which young people and adults acquire skills to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, establish supportive relationships, and make responsible caring decisions.  SEL can help address various forms of inequity and contribute to safe, healthy, and just communities.  


    You can participate in the selection process through our survey.  This survey asks that you watch a short video about each of the curriculums under consideration: Fly Five and Beyond Differences.  Thank you for taking the time to help us choose the best curriculum for Ockley Green! Please reach out to Pam Joyner (pjoyner@pps.net ) or Avy Harris (rharris@pps.net) with questions or comments.


    Astronaut Dr. Jose Hernandez Coming to PPS!

    We want to let you know of an exciting opportunity coming to PPS families and hope that you can help us share the opportunity with PPS students and families that you support. On May 20th and 21st at Jefferson High School, PPS will be hosting speaking events featuring Dr. Jose Hernandez, a NASA astronaut, STEM education advocate, engineer, and author. These events will be open to PPS students and families of all ages. Please note: The event on the evening of May 20th will be held in English with interpretation available in American Sign Language, Spanish, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Somali, and Russian. The event on the morning of May 21st will be held in Spanish. This event is FREE to attend, open to all ages, and is sure to INSPIRE! We hope that you will be able to help us invite families from your school community to the appropriate event by identifying families and students whom you believe will benefit greatly from this opportunity. These may be STEM learners, English learners, migrant students, affinity group students, and/or others for whom a message of hope and perseverance will surely resonate! Space is limited and we hope you have some specific students and families in mind! Registration for families opens on Friday, May 6th and will remain open until the event is full. We encourage you and the families you invite to act quickly as these events are sure to fill up! You’ll find the event logistics below:

    Friday, May 20th (English with interpretation)

    Time: 6:00-8:00pm

    Location: Jefferson High School Auditorium

    Address: 5210 N. Kirby Ave., Portland, OR 97217 (map)

    Registration: see links below

    Saturday, May 21st (Spanish)

    Time: 9:00-11:00am

    Location: Jefferson High School Auditorium

    Address: 5210 N. Kirby Ave., Portland, OR 97217 (map)

    Registration: See links below


    Registration Link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScBHvutO1a1Tbn1DlXH1tb82SSiZ0Z_o11soxt4JIWnLAk9pg/viewform 

    Open Enrollment for Summer Acceleration Academy//Inscripción Abierta para la Academia de Aceleración de Verano

    Enrollment is still open for Summer Acceleration Academy.  Forms in English and Spanish are linked here: PDF forms.  Summer Acceleration Academy will be focused on teaching grade level standards and creating an enjoyable summer learning experience. La inscripción sigue abierta para la Academia de Aceleración de Verano. Los formularios en inglés y español están vinculados aquí: PDF forms . La Academia de Aceleración de Verano se centrará en enseñar estándares de nivel de grado y crear una experiencia de aprendizaje de verano agradable.


    Attention 7th grade families:

    Introducing our WEB Leadership Program: Ockley Green Dragon Leaders.  The WEB Program is new to Ockley Green this year. As you look at the slides we presented to students, please keep in mind  all of the photos of activities and programming are from other schools, where there are mostly white students. As we recruit students this year it is crucial our leaders represent our school's racially diverse student body. As our incoming 6th graders transition to middle school they  need to see themselves reflected in their mentors. We  look forward to next year's Dragon leader material showing many of our black  and brown students in leadership roles. Here is the link to the slides we shared with 7th graders with all the upcoming dates. 



    **VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - 8th Promotional Celebrations**\Lots happening as we head into these final weeks of school. Here are the minutes from the April OG Supporters meeting: http://shorturl.at/hDPX8   There's lots of great news, updates, and happenings included in the minutes!


    Upcoming events and volunteer/support needs: 

    June 9th Noon-2pm is 8th grade BBQ at Peninsula Park:

    OG Supporters will be planning/hosting this very popular end of year BBQ for students. We need help, especially from 7th and 6th grade families/caregivers. This BBQ is a much loved tradition. We will need food donations, volunteers for day of to assist with cooking (including grills), serving and managing chaos (aka herding cats). This is always a fun way to send our students off after promotion practice before the big event that night! If you are interested in helping with planning, or want to volunteer now for a specific need please reach out to me at president@ogsupporters.org  More specific volunteer/supply/food needs will be communicated in the near future.



    Kari Powers

    Dragon Swag Sale - MORE ADULT SIZES IN STOCK (2XL-5XL on request)! 

    Hooded Sweatshirts are $20, T-Shirts are $10, and the comfort and smiles that come from wearing and representing our school community with pride are free! We have youth sizes Large to X-Large, and adult sizes Small to 5X-Large.Please contact the front office (530)916-5660 to place your orders today!



    8th Grade Promotion: Thursday 9 June 2022 at Roosevelt High School (Times and Program TBA)


    Counseling Corner: Roosevelt High School Freshman Preview

     Hosting an in-person family and student event May 18th from 6:30-7:30 on campus. Flyer in the front office at Ockley and will be sent home with students. 

    Summer Opportunities for Rising 9th graders: Leap Into 9th Grade


    Website with information: https://www.pps.net/Page/13685




    Reach out to you child’s school counselor with any questions. 

    Jillian Stone, jstone@pps.net

    Galen Dickstein, gdickstein@pps.net




    Every Friday from 3:30pm-6pm

    Who: Parents and guardians can pick up food boxes with five meals, fruit, veggies, and activities for all children up to 18 years old in their household.


    3710 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227



    Vandalism and graffiti update

    This week we’ve again noted a small handful of instances in which hate speech or symbols were written or drawn at our school. Staff worked quickly to remove the offending messages and symbols and documented them in accordance with district protocols. We will be reviewing and augmenting our supervision and educational efforts.  If you or your student have any information, you can report it to Dr. Tania McKey tmckey@pps.net, a trusted staff member or anonymously to SafeOregon. If your student does not feel safe and you would like them to speak to a caring adult, please contact: 

    Student safety and inclusion is the District’s core value. Hate is not tolerated nor accepted in our community. These incidents are an affront to our core values of Racial Equity and Social Justice, Respect, Honesty and Integrity. We value and respect everyone in our school community and understand that our diversity makes us stronger. Everyone is welcome at Ockley Green and everyone belongs. Every student deserves a positive educational experience where they feel safe, secure and a sense of belonging



    Attention 8th grade families!

    Leap into 9th Grade

    June 27-July 15, 2022, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 12:30 pm

    Prepares students to excel in high school and get a head start in working with their teachers and peers. Students will receive a daily bus pass and earn a 0.5 high school elective credit upon successful completion of the program.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The program will be available to all students, but prioritized for incoming 9th grade students identified as Academic Priority, or students who would benefit from additional supports. Space is limited due to staffing.


    Tutoring with Ms. Kate

    If a student needs extra help, they are welcome to come in early to Ms. Kate's classroom (213) before the beginning of school each day. Any grade and subject area help is available. If you plan to come, please text Ms. Kate and let her know so she can let the student in the building. (248.891.9903)


    Morning Breakfast Routine Notice

    Breakfast is available on campus for all students every day beginning at 8:45am, and is served until 9:03am when the opening bell of the day sounds. Student’s have until 9:10am to enjoy their breakfast, and are expected in class, fed and seated for learning once the 9:10am bell has rung for the beginning of the first class of the day. Breakfast will not be available after 9:10am. Please ensure that your student understands this timetable so that we have all students safe, accounted for, and learning.



    Beginning on Monday, March 14, PPS will transition to optional masking for all staff and students across every PPS building. This is aligned with the new public health guidance released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and Multnomah County Public Health.

    Here is why we are making this decision:

    • This week, ODE/OHA and Multnomah County public health both released updated guidance that mirrors and complements the CDC’s new guidance and COVID-19 Community Levels tool. This tool helps us–PPS and each one of us as individuals–take preventative steps based on the latest local COVID-19 data. Levels can be low, medium, or high and are determined by looking at hospital beds being used, hospital admissions, and the total number of new COVID-19 cases in our community. 
    • Currently, Multnomah County is classified as having a “low COVID-19 community level.” Based on this — and with no new variant on the horizon — Multnomah County will not be implementing a local mask mandate at this time. 
    • The latest data by the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) indicates that less than 14 percent of Oregonians are currently susceptible to COVID-19. The rates of vaccinations and boosters in Multnomah County are high. In addition, the number of individuals who were infected with the Omicron variant is widely believed to provide a level of community protection against COVID-19 for at least the next three months.

    In addition to transitioning to optional masking, we will continue the pause of general contact tracing and quarantining in schools. At this time, public health affirms contact tracing and quarantine to be ineffective at slowing the spread of a virus that moves as quickly as an omicron.

    Based on the lessons of the last two years, and to prepare for future and possible COVID-19 surges or variants, we will continue to:

    • Stress handwashing;
    • Use MERV 13 HVAC filters and will replace filters in each of our portable air purifiers;
    • Closely monitor illness among staff and students and require that all persons stay home when sick with COVID-19 symptoms;
    • Provide the OHSU weekly screening testing program and school-based rapid resting for individuals who might become symptomatic while at school;
    • Inform families and staff if an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 was on-site during their contagious period.


    SUNSchool Attendance Policy

    Students who are enrolled in our SUNSchool after-school program are required to remain in the building and proceed directly to the cafeteria once the final class of the day has ended. There is no re-entry for students once the school day has ended. Thank y’all for working to keep our campus secure and our students safe and accounted for!


    Volunteering at Ockley Green Middle School; A message from our Parent Volunteer Coordinator


    Hi OG Community,


    As a parent volunteer "volunteer" coordinator, I'm reaching out to see if you might be able to support our community in a few simple ways. We created a volunteer survey based on the needs of teachers and staff at Ockley and would love it if you could fill it out and share more about what you might be able to help out with within the school day, if possible. The needs range anywhere from a 20 minute Safety Patrol block to small group work or helping out in the hall or at lunch. Your presence makes a difference for students. I started doing safety patrol once a week and it's clear that having a friendly adult presence is a nice way for students to start their day and makes people feel safer on busy Ainsworth as well. 

    The survey can be found here: Volunteering at Ockley Green.



    Anna Marquez


    Together we make our community stronger! Please use the form linked below to express interest in volunteering during the school day and events outside of school hours. Our school communities keep our Dragons flying! https://www.pps.net/domain/66


    Student Pick-up Reminder

    Parents and Guardians, please be advised that students are unable to be sent home early during lunch times. If you need to pick-up your student from Ockley Green before the end of the school day, please make sure that it is any time before or after the times listed below to ensure that we can quickly find your student(s) and send them out promptly to you.


    Monday Lunch: 11:46am-12:16pm; Tuesday-Friday Lunch: 12:10pm-12:40pm 


    Resources for Families/SUN School Request for Assistance

    Families can use this form to request assistance with rent, utilities, or food - this form is a one-stop shop.  


    OGMS Cell Phone Contract

    We started our cell phone reset this week and have seen a sharp decrease in the use of phones in disruptive ways. We will continue next week with the rest and the cell phone contract below.

    This contract outlines the conditions of a student’s use of a cell phone while at Ockley Green Middle School. Cell phones can be used as a tool for learning or they can act as a distraction. Our goal is for students to learn how to appropriately use a cell phone. These guidelines and consequences will support all students to use cell phones to build positive relationships and succeed academically. Students must follow these guidelines in order to have continued access to a cell phone at Ockley Green Middle School. 


    1. I can use my cell phone before school starts, at lunch and recess, and after the school day is over. 
    2. My phone is off and away during class time and in the hallways.
    3. I can leave my phone with my teacher for the class period to help me focus on my school work. 
    4. If my family needs to talk to me or I need to talk to them, at lunch or recess I can call or text them. Any other time I can ask my teacher to use the classroom phone, call from the front office or get permission to contact my family through my cell phone. My family can call the front office at any time to talk to me. 
    5. Starting February 1st, there will no longer be warnings for having my cell phone out without permission. I will have to immediately leave it with an adult or turn it in to the front office for pick up at the end of the day. 
    6. If I refuse to leave my phone with an adult or the front office, my family will be contacted and I will need to check my phone into the front office for a day.
    7. The second time I have to turn in my phone, someone from my family will have to come pick it up from the front office. 
    8. The third time I have to turn in my phone, my family will be contacted and for a week I will have to check in my phone to the front office at the beginning of the day or leave my phone at home.
    9. After the third time, my family and I will have a meeting with an administrator to create a plan around access to my phone at school. I could lose the right to have my phone at school at all. 
    10. When a guest teacher is teaching, I will follow classroom expectations and not have my cell phone out for any reason.  
    11. My teacher will explain when and how I can use my cell phone in their class. When I use my cell phone with my teacher’s permission, I must put it away before I leave the classroom.


    Student support team and counselors are here to help!  For check-ins, mental health support, or just to chat email, call, or text.  We are available during school hours to connect:


    If you need immediate assistance in a crisis please see phone #’s below:

    • Multnomah County Crisis Line - Mental Health Crisis Line for youth and adults 503-988-4888 
    • Crisis Line - Text resource to connect with a mental health counselor by text
      • Text “HOME” to 741-741
    • Youthline ALL youth in crisis
    • Trevor Project - LGBTQ+ Crisis Resource



    Community Resources 

    • Emergency Rental Assistance:  The impacts of Covid-19 continue to impact many families financially.  If you are at risk of eviction or behind on rent, programs may be available to help.  Please contact School Social Worker Avy Harris (rharris@pps.net; 503-729-0634) to see if you qualify.  
    • Asistencia de Emergencia Para el Alquiler: Los impactos de Covid-19 continúan afectando financieramente a muchas familias. Si tiene un alquiler atrasado, es posible que haya programas disponibles para ayudarlo. Comuníquese con la trabajadora social de la escuela Avy Harris (rharris@pps.net; 503-729-0634) 


    Chromebook Care

    Many of the student Chromebooks are having issues that require repair.  Families are not charged for repairs, but please discuss proper care of Chromebooks with your students. They should not be slammed shut or treated roughly, but they are expected to come to school each day fully charged.  


    available for all students.  Any food delivered by delivery app or from restaurants will be held in the office until the school day ends and then will be available to students at that time. 


    Community Resources 

    • Emergency Rental Assistance:  The impacts of Covid-19 continue to impact many families financially.  If you are at risk of eviction or behind on rent, programs may be available to help.  Please contact School Social Worker Avy Harris (rharris@pps.net; 503-729-0634) to see if you qualify.  
    • Asistencia de Emergencia Para el Alquiler: Los impactos de Covid-19 continúan afectando financieramente a muchas familias. Si tiene un alquiler atrasado, es posible que haya programas disponibles para ayudarlo. Comuníquese con la trabajadora social de la escuela Avy Harris (rharris@pps.net; 503-729-0634)