• We aspire to serve as many students as possible through Summer Acceleration Academy.
    We have invited over 5,000 students to participate, including more than 1,000 newly added on May 22nd. As resources allow, we will continue to expand invitations.
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    Summer Acceleration Academy 2023
    (Updated May 23, 2023)

    What is Summer Acceleration Academy?

    • Summer Acceleration Academy is a four-week supplemental academic summer program for rising (grade for Fall 2023) 
      1st-8th grade students. The program is focused on providing support for unfinished learning for students. The program has three big goals:
      • Foster joyful learning 
      • Support unfinished skill development 
      • Create an on-ramp to the next grade and the fall
    • The curriculum includes:
      • Targeted literacy instruction, including foundational skills for reading, comprehension strategies, and fluency work;
      • Math instruction focused on skill building and mathematical mindset development; and
      • Hands-on project-based STEAM and visual arts learning.
    • Class sizes are projected to be 15-20 students.
    • Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all participating students.
    • Transportation will be provided in the morning and after lunch.
    • Transportation routes will be communicated in June.

    Who attends Summer Acceleration Academy?

    • Summer Acceleration Academy invitations are based on winter assessment data in reading and math. Using our most recent data helps us identify students who may need additional support to reach grade-level expectations in reading and math. Additional students may also be invited based on Spring assessments.
    • These students meet the criteria for participation in Summer Acceleration Academy based on DIBELS, IDEL, and MAP literacy assessment data:
        • Students who fall between the 10th - 40th percentile, inclusive of the 10th and 40th percentiles; or
        • At ODE Identified SSA Schools, students who fall between between the 5th - 40th percentile, inclusive of the 5th and 40th percentiles.
    • Please see your child’s teacher or administrator to access your child’s assessment data and additional assessments that may be available this Spring.

    When is Summer Acceleration Academy?

    • The program will run Monday through Friday from July 10 - August 4, 2023 from 8:00am - 12:00pm or 9:00am - 1:00pm, depending on the site.
    • Families will have the opportunity to opt into afternoon programming through SUN and other community partners.

    Where will the program be offered?

    • We are using a HUB Site Model again this summer, clustering nearby schools together for programming.  
    • HUB Sites, school feeder patterns, and schedules are available at this link: Summer Acceleration Academy HUB Sites.

    Why Summer Acceleration Academy?

    • Our four-week supplemental Summer Acceleration program is an excellent way for students to address unfinished learning by gaining proficiency in key grade-level skills, giving students a strong start for the next school year.
    • Invitations for Summer Acceleration Academy are based on mid-year assessments identifying students who need support reaching grade level during this four-week program. 

    How do I enroll?

    • Invitations for Summer 2023 will be sent directly to the families of eligible students via email, phone, and text message (if families have opted in to receive text messages)
    • Note: Please text YES to 68453 to opt in to receive text messages. The number you text from must be the number associated with your parent profile in our system. Please check with your school office if you need to update your information.

    What's next if you're already enrolled?

    • If you have already enrolled in the program, your student's teacher will be reaching out to introduce themselves during the week of July 4th.
    • We will be sending out timely updates via text messages in the weeks leading up to July 10th. Please text YES to 68453 to opt in to receive text messages. The number you text from must be the number associated with your parent profile in our system. Please check with your school office if you need to update your information.

    What other programming will PPS be offering this summer?

    • We are collaborating with community partners to offer a range of free programs at various sites.  Enrollment and program details are available at the PPS Family Supports website.
    • We are hosting Early Kindergarten Transition for incoming kindergartners at our Title 1 schools.  Please see the Early Kindergarten Transition (EKT) site for more details.
    • For middle school students, we are hosting Summer Arts Academy and PIL Summer Math.  You can learn more about these options at pps.net/summer2023
    • We host a range of school-based child care programs as well.  Please see the details the PPS Child Care site for Summer 2023

    See information at this link on employment opportunities for PPS Summer 2022 programs: Summer 2023 Employment