• Inclement Weather

    Inclement Weather:  In case of inclement weather, here is the general outline Portland Evening Scholars will follow:

    1. if PPS is closed for the day:  no PESS classes.

    2. if PPS closes early and cancels all evening events (basketball, choir, etc):  no PESS classes. 

    3. if PPS has a full day of classes but inclement weather is a possibility for the evening time:  a decision will be made by 3pm for PESS classes.

    4. if PPS has late opening:  we will have PESS classes.

    5. if PPS moves daytime classes to a virtual platform due to weather, PESS will do the same.  

    Here is how our office will communicate these decisions: 

    1. We will send out a SchoolMessenger to all students/parents informing them of what our plans are. 

    2. Administrator will send an all-staff email informing you what our plan is.  

    3. Our website will be updated with a banner along the top indicating our plan is.