• April 9, 2021 Newsletter

    Dear Beach Parents and Community,


    We hope the new schedules and routines of quarter 4 are feeling safe and making sense for your child and family. Please reach out to your child’s teacher or any other staff with questions or ways we can support your child, whether your child is in Comprehensive Distance Learning or Hybrid. It’s been joyful to hear children’s voices on our Beach School grounds this week, and that includes the important voices of our students in CDL coming through devices as well as students who have returned to school for hybrid instruction. From a kindergartner arriving bright and early Monday morning, skip-run-hopping across the blacktop calling out “Guzman!  Guzman!” to our staff appreciating all the work you’ve been doing with your children… they have grown and learned so much since we’ve seen them! -- to students sharing that they are appreciating things like: writing with a pencil on paper!  Seeing ”real” people! -- there is a lot to celebrate. Here are some updates for you, starting with our weekly message from BBSU and Ms. Mo, then an introduction from our “new” (sort of) yoga instructor….


    Health & Safety Reminder- COVID-19 Testing Consent Form

    As we return to in-person instruction with hybrid, we urge families to return the “COVID-19 Testing Consent Form”  PPS sent via email before Spring Break.  If you have not yet returned this form, we will send a hard copy with children in hybrid on Monday (we don’t need the form from families in CDL). PPS is requesting consent from students’ families to test symptomatic students for COVID-19 onsite, during the school day, BUT Parent/guardian consent is optional.


    All staff and parents/guardians of students are required to:

    • Self-screen daily for symptoms of illness before leaving their homes to enter a school or getting on a PPS bus. The Daily Illness Self-Screening Checklist describes exactly what to look for.
    • If a staff/student presents symptoms or has been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 14 days, they should stay home and report their symptoms to the school or appropriate supervisor, and contact their healthcare provider.
    • In the instance of a confirmed or presumptive COVID-19 case, PPS will follow our Case Protocol, which you can find by clicking here.


    A Message from Ms. Mo, SUN School and Beach's BSU~

    Dear Beach Families and Caregivers,

    Virtual Spring term is here!!! Registration for Friends of Baseball is now open and can be found here. A few things to note: If you have previously registered with League Apps (during Winter term) then you will already have an account, and just need to enter your user name and password, then register your child(ren) for the Spring term class. The "translate" button is on the upper right, if you would like to use the "Spanish" option. If your child was not registered last term, then you will have to first create an account, and then register your child(ren) for the class. Coach Molly and I are happy to assist with any registration questions or Coach Anna can assist with families if you would like assistance in Spanish. If your student has not completed an SEI Enrollment form, I will email you the link to complete it separately. 

    Registration for other Virtual SUN classes including AKA Science and Pre-recorded Aeronautics class will be out next week so be on the lookout!

    Spring term dates-

    Friends of Baseball:

    Mondays & Wednesdays

    April 12th- June 2nd


    AKA Science & Aeronautics

    Begins April 21st- May 26th

    Registration coming soon

    -- We have weeks 5 & 6 coming soon!!! In the meantime, keep practicing those moves and dancing with us!!! Here is the link to the class video for weeks 1, 2, 3 & 4! We will have the 5th and 6th final videos ready very soon! 

    1: https://youtu.be/Hi9Kn_QjC7w

    2: https://youtu.be/JfRJZMKW4No

    3: https://youtu.be/yJM25c0j8dY

    4: https://youtu.be/kseTKRzyeko

    The Black Student Union will begin meeting again starting every Tuesday, April 13th at 2:30p with an additional drop in lunch time meeting on Wednesdays from 12:00p-12:30p. Come join us!! Google Meet join code: BEACHBSU2020

    BHY Fun Fact of the Week: In 1920, Fritz Pollard and Bobby Marshall became the first Black athletes to play in the NFL. Pollard was also the league's first Black coach.

    ~Ms. Mo & The BBSU

    We’re so excited about our Beach Black Lives Matter T-Shirts!  Each child will receive theirs next week, if they didn’t get them from their teacher already.  We’ll all wear our t-shirts on Fridays!  Thank you so much to Mondra Penn (dad of one of our fantastic 4th graders) who printed them for us, and Kelly Orehovec, Parent Support Team facilitator, who supported the funding of them and worked with a graphic designer to get the image ready.


    If you have a 3rd, 4th or 5th grader, please watch for a letter from PPS that will contain your child’s MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) report and an explanation about how to interpret MAP scores. These are being mailed out to grade 3-5 families from PPS today. A reminder that MAP scores help teachers understand, thus plan from, students’ strengths and current learning edges. MAP scores are particularly useful over time; we want to see children meet their projected growth rate goal.  Please remember that this year it is even more important than usual to “triangulate” scores (ask ourselves how MAP scores align or don’t align with other work and data points  we’ve been able to collect, generally at least three) and even to suspend certainty about the validity of scores that aren't’ considered in the context of other scores and work.  A few other points:

    • Not all students participated in testing. Parents of students who didn’t participate in either subject will not receive a report.
    • Students who started the test but did not submit the test (complete it) will not receive a result for that subject.

    Please watch for the letter for more information and reach out to your child’s teacher or other staff if you have any questions.


    Teachers are completing Quarter 3 report cards for students today. Report cards will be mailed to families next Friday, April 16.  Please remember we continue to prioritize connection, social emotional learning, and effort to engage, even as we work our hardest to simultaneously provide meaningful learning experiences to help children attain end of year grade level expectations.  Inequities in the amount of learning that children have been able to access abound, and we are planning ways to support every student to learn the priority standards for their grade level, whatever their level of need. If you are concerned about your child’s learning, remember the importance of reading with and talking with your child about their reading and thinking. It’s super important to keep it joyful and meaningful; you can use the print and text you find in the environment such as signs, announcements that are about something your child cares about, etc. if your child is resisting books. Playing games that involve math concepts, working out a few spelling words or skip counting with your child when you’re waiting in lines or driving all help a lot!  Talk to your child’s teacher for ideas specific to your child’s needs, and know we’ll support your child right alongside you and do everything we can to get them where they need to be  together with you!  


    We are pleased to begin offering "Imagination Yoga" within our PE program on Wednesdays!  We welcome Monica Montiel, who has been teaching Imagination Yoga within our SUN program or other programs in our community for years, to our Beach Staff! Monica loves teaching yoga to children of all ages and levels, and we are so lucky to have her joining us!  Here is an introduction she wrote for you:


    Hello friends and families of Beach School,

    I am so excited to begin teaching yoga on Wednesdays live on Google Meets at 10:00 and 1:00 during the asynchronous learning day. Students are welcome to attend either of the times. I will send a video of the Wednesday class content to teachers by Thursday and I will send an additional video to post Monday mornings so that students can practice yoga with me any other time during the week on their own.

    A bit about me: I have been part of the Beach Community since my oldest son started Kindergarten with Senor Siam. He will be going to high school next year! My other sons are in 4th grade and Kindergarten. I began teaching Imagination Yoga for SUN School the year that Ms. Jackson started it at Beach. I have had the pleasure of teaching to many of your children throughout those years.

    Before beginning my business as a children’s yoga teacher, I was an elementary classroom teacher for many years and then the assistant director of a Spanish immersion preschool. I have been a certified Imagination Yoga teacher since 2012 and I have my master’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

    This past year has been a very challenging one for all of us. I am so excited and grateful to be able to share yoga and mindfulness with your children as another tool to support them now and for the rest of their lives!

    Thank you,

    Ms. Monica 


    211info Child Care provides free, customized referrals to child care providers and strategies for finding quality child care in Oregon.

    For information and resources on finding quality child care, click here.

    To speak with a Parent Educator about child care resources:

    CALL 211 or 1-866-698-6155 

    TEXT keyword "children" or "ninos" to 898211 (TXT211)

    EMAIL children@211info.org

    HOURS Monday-Friday 7am-11pm; Saturday-Sunday 8am-8pm

    To search for child care providers online, click here.

    Materials can also be downloaded here.

    Bilingual staff and interpreters are available to serve families in all languages.


    A few other Reminders, Updates and Requests

    Hybrid students, when coming to school, please be sure your student is wearing a mask that is comfortable and that they will keep up over their noses. Please send children with a full water bottle from home, and try to get them to eat a sizable lunch so they will be less likely to get hungry at school. 


    Transportation Plans

    Soon you will be receiving a form to fill-out called an After-School Transportation Plan. Please complete each section of the form, as this is for both students who ride the bus and get picked up. Provide us with any transportation details you may have. It is important to remember to let your child's teacher know of any changes to this plan as soon as possible with written communication or via email, never by word of mouth. We urge families to turn this form into teachers as soon as possible. Please feel free to email Esther (eromero@
    pps.net) and I (tmyers2@pps.net) with any questions.



    Tina & Esther Office Team


    Nutrition Services

    Meal service will go from 10:15-10:30 and 2:30-2:45. Afterwards, Nutrition services staff will be at the front entrance for parents, siblings, or caregivers to pick-up meal bags for CDL students or any other child 1-18 years old. This will be available for 10 minutes after the dismissal of each cohort. If a student from the Annex changes their mind and does want a meal bag, students can tell their teacher they've changed their mind; the teacher will find a parent, older sibling or available staff  to come to the main building to get the additional meal bag.


    Please see communications from classroom teachers for dismissal changes (pick-up location, p.m. cohort) for Mr. Combs, Sr. Siam, and Ms. Sheean, and arrival locations (p.m. cohort) for Ms. Kenyon, Ms. Hilbers, Mr. Shaw, and Ms. Sheean.  We think these changes will relieve congestion on the field or playground.  Let us know any feedback or questions.

    Virtual Q&A next week for families with incoming kindergartners next year:

    A few of our Beach Kindergarten and Support Staff are excited to talk about “kindergarten!” at Beach with anyone who’d like to join us this Wednesday, April 7 from 9-9:30 a.m. -- please share this with any families you know who have kindergarten age children but might not be connected to our communications yet. Here is a link to kindergarten registration materials. 


    The Office of Information Technology and Services launched a new tool called Securly on April 5. This tool helps filter the web and monitor classrooms in response to numerous requests for information from families about student use restrictions. In its first phase, the tool will offer parents control and monitoring of their students' Internet access. Parents will be able to selectively block web addresses and limit the hours of computer use so that their students do not access in a way that best suits their family's preferences and needs. For more details on this launch, visit https://pps.net/securly.