• To schedule appointments with our OHSU MDs/Nurse Practitioners, students can walk into the Wellness Center Mondays-Thursday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm and make an appointment with our medical asssistant, Reva Hollingsworth. 

    We have found students are most likely to come when they schedule the appointment themselves.
    Our providers are here Mondays, 1-4 pm; Wednesday, 1-5,  Tuesday & Thursday 8-noon.

    Parents if you feel students really need an appointment and want to help make this happen, please call 503-916-5151 and choose the “appointments” option on our voicemail. Leave a message with your child’s name and date of birth, and we can call your child down to help them with this. Please know that confidentiality laws may prohibit us from confirming whether or not the appointment was made.