Parent/Student Handbook

    Information from the Winterhaven School Handbook is based on the Portland Public Schools Student Rights, Responsibilities and Discipline Handbook.

    SCHOOL Expectations
    Winterhaven has 3 school rules:
    1.    Be Safe
    2.    Be Respectful
    3.    Be Responsible
    Staff responses to students not following school expectations may include (but are not limited to): student/teacher conference, a classroom consequence, timed-out in another classroom or the office, giving a Behavior Report for a parent to sign, request a parent conference, or a referral to the principal for further handling of the problem.

    It is our goal at Winterhaven for students to develop into independent learners and to acquire lifelong learning skills.  Coming to class prepared with all materials, maintaining a responsible attitude and turning in assignments on time all contribute to responsible citizenship and higher grades.  Students who develop these habits feel positive and are more successful in school.
    Students are expected to act in an honest and responsible manner.  Copying other student’s work, representing any other person’s work as one’s own, cheating on tests, taking or using teacher instructional materials inappropriately is subject to disciplinary action.

    Please be aware that some people have specific allergies to food items and/or fragrances/perfumes.  Winterhaven classrooms are peanut free zones and fragrances/perfumes should be used sparingly.

    Each year, a variety of assemblies are held at Winterhaven, including concerts, plays, guest speakers and other special events.  Students are expected to:

    • Sit with your assigned class.
    • Be attentive to the speakers and performers.
    • Express appreciation appropriately by clapping.
    • Remain seated until dismissed.
    • Leave in an orderly manner.

    Regular and prompt attendance is very important to your success in school.  Regular school hours are from 8:45 am to 3:00 pm for grades K-5 and from 8:45 am to 3:15 pm for grades 6-8.  It is your responsibility to be on time for each class.  Families are encouraged to plan vacations and appointments at times that do not require students to miss valuable classroom instruction.
    When a student is absent, parents should call the school attendance line (503-916-6221) to notify the school of their student’s absence.  If a phone call is not made, the student must present a written excuse to the office for an admittance slip upon returning to school.  If a student arrives late for school, they must report to the main office to sign in. 
    Students will only be dismissed from school or class early with permission from their parents/guardians.

    If you are going to be absent for an extended period of time, it must be prearranged with the office.  If not, it will be considered an unexcused absence and teachers can decide whether to allow you to make up the assigned work.  State law requires us to drop any student who is absent for ten consecutive days.

    The drive-thru area on the southside of the building is an excellent place to drop off and pick up your child before and after school.  The entrance to the drive-thru area is on Center St. and it exits on 14th Ave.  The area for loading and unloading students is by the steps of the portable building.  The area is supervised before and after school by a staff member.   


    PPS now issues Chromebooks to all students in grades 3-8.  It is the responsibility of the student and their family to use the Chromebook appropriately and to make sure the Chromebook is not damaged or stolen.  If the Chromebook does not work correctly, the student can turn it in to our Tech Coordinator and a temporary replacement Chromebook may be issued to the student.  If a Chromebook is damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen, the student and family may be held responsible for the replacement cost of the Chromebook. 

    Personal electronic devices (phones, ear buds, etc.) are not to be used during the student instructional day (8:45 am to 3:15 pm).  Students are asked to turn them "off" and put them "away" at all other times (this includes passing times, bathroom breaks, water breaks, etc.).  Students in grades 6-8 may use their devices during lunch/recess time.  Some teachers may allow students to use their personal electronic device during class and this will be up to the teacher’s discretion as to how and when the equipment may be used.  Students who use their personal electronic devices inappropriately at lunch/recess will have them confiscated and a parent/guardian will need to pick up the device.

    The first time a student is in violation of the rule of "off and away" during the school day other than lunch/recess time, they will be warned and instructed to put the device away.  The second time will result in the device being confiscated and stored in the office for the student to pick up after school.  The third time will result in the device being confiscated and stored in the office and a parent/guardian will have to pick it up after school. 

    Student/caregiver communication during school hours can be done through the main office. Please refrain from texting or calling your student’s cell phone during school hours as this can disrupt the learning environment.

    Each field trip requires a PPS permission slip.  A phone call from the parent giving permission will not suffice. We will notify you before each trip about the place, time, and mode of transportation.  Please sign the field trip form and return it to the classroom teacher.  One form at the beginning of the year takes care of all walking field trips (no transportation is used) for the entire school year.  If you plan to drive on a field trip, you will need to first fill out a car insurance liability form in the office if you do not have one on file.  If you are chaperoning any trip, you will also need to have a completed criminal history background form that is on file.

    All food must be eaten in the cafeteria.  The only exception will be for special classroom activities.  Food is not to be eaten in hallways, play areas, or passing areas.  Food not placed in containers while in lockers may attract ants, so please pack accordingly.  Homemade food may not be brought to school during the school day and shared with other students, as per the rules set by the Multnomah County Health Department.  

    Food items, such as candy, soda pop, gum, etc., may not be sold by students at school or on school grounds without permission from the Winterhaven staff.  Selling items at school is a distraction to the learning environment and it is not allowed.

    Each teacher will explain the learning objectives to students during the first few days of class and to parents on Back to School Night.  At mid-term, students not meeting objectives will receive a progress report indicating their academic progress.  Report cards are mailed home each quarter.  Scheduled parent conferences, held during November, will provide the opportunity for students, parents, and teachers to sit down together to discuss school progress.  Students and parents are encouraged to talk to teachers about their progress at any time.

    In grades K-5, a packet of materials will come home every Thursday.  Please remind your child to bring this packet home.  In addition, our families will be able to receive newsletters and other information by email and, in many cases, on our website  Middle school students and families may access their homework and grades through StudentVue and ParentVue.  If your telephone number changes, or if emergency numbers change, PLEASE notify us immediately.  If your email address changes, let us know so we may continue to communicate with you in a timely manner.

    For students to achieve success, they must be responsible for completing assignments that are given during the school day.  Parents are strongly encouraged to communicate with the teacher if there is a family situation that prevents their child from having success with assigned work.  Parents are asked to assist their children in finding a time and place for homework to be completed.  If a child is having an extended illness and a parent wants homework before the child returns to school, call the office (916-6200) and ask if homework can be made available for your child.  We will make every attempt to have it ready the next day in the office.  Parents should not go to the classrooms to ask for work.

    Purpose of Homework K-5

    • Enjoyment and practice of learning at home
    • Development of responsibility and study skills
    • Completion of long term/independent projects

    Purpose of Homework 6-8

    • Enjoyment and practice of learning at home
    • Development of responsibility and study skills
    • Completion of long term/independent projects
    • Exploration and extension of concepts discussed in class
    • Proving mastery of concepts through demonstration and application

    Assuming that students are utilizing class time for assigned work, we expect ten minutes per night (on average four to five nights per week) be spent on homework per grade level for each child.  This includes daily reading in K-3 classrooms.  Minimum range expectations are as follows:

    • K-1 from 10 up to 20 minutes
    • 2-3 from 20 up to 40 minutes
    • 4-5 from 40 up to 60 minutes
    • 6-8 from 60 up to 90 minutes

    Internet access is the most accurate and current source for information about weather-related school closures.  The Portland Public Schools web page  posts its decisions about school openings/closures immediately and directly to the web page linked there.  Click on "weather & emergency closures."  Television and radio stations get their information regarding closures directly from that source and broadcast it at their convenience.  On late opening days, school begins two hours late. 

    Lockers are district property.  Students are expected to take care of the lockers.  We ask that no decals or stickers be put on the lockers because they are difficult to remove.  No food should remain in a locker other than the day it is brought.  Unfortunately, leftover food attracts mice and/or ants.

    We are on a computerized lunch program.  Each student has an account number that they can use to purchase lunches. Student’s accounts are charged for each lunch they purchase.  Parents can load the accounts by going to the following web address:  This service allows parents to use a credit or debit card to place money in the student’s lunch account.  Another way is to pay with cash or a check to the kitchen staff, with checks written to Nutrition Services.  
    Free and reduced-price lunches are available upon approval of completed request forms.  Students who qualify for these will also have a number and will go through the same line as all other students.  Neither the office nor the cafeteria has money to loan for lunches.  

    Students are expected to turn in classroom assignments on time.  The following guidelines have been established to help make up work following an excused absence.  If an absence is excused, the teacher will allow you the time to make up the work (the same number of days you were gone to make up the work).  Please remember that, since many class assignments reflect active participation, not all work can be made up.

    • Students are responsible for finding out exactly which assignments require make-up and for collecting any work or other material that may be required.
    • It is the student's responsibility to return completed make-up work and return it to the teacher on the due date.
    • Due to the nature of some classes, there may be work that cannot be made up.
    • Late work due to school absence must be made up in the time period designated by the teacher.
    • Homework requests may be phoned into the office by a parent or guardian.  Assignments will not be available for pick up after giving the teacher 24-hour notice.  Please call for homework only when you expect to be absent longer than two full days.  It is your responsibility to have someone pick up the homework.

    Students who are required to take prescription medication at school must provide the school with the medication in its original container from the pharmacy, accompanied by a written and signed doctor's form, to the school nurse.  Medications should be labeled by the pharmacy with the child's name, the name of the drug, dosage, and how long medication should be given. 
    Prescription medication must be brought to, replenished at, and picked up from school by a parent only.  Over the counter medications (non-prescription) such as aspirin, decongestants, cough drops, etc., also need to be administered by the nurse or a designated staff member.  These medications must arrive at school in their original containers.  Parents must sign a release form and leave it in the school office with the medication.  Students may not share any medication because of possible allergic reactions.  Any medical conditions need to be brought to the attention of the school nurse.  All medications, prescription and non-prescription, must be kept in the office.

    School-wide events include activity events, classroom field trips, assemblies, promotions, etc.  Student participation in these events is considered a privilege.  Students who do not maintain good attendance or who demonstrate inappropriate behaviors are subject to being denied participation.  Attendance at these events is at the discretion of the administration.

    The issue of student safety before and after school hours is not only a great concern for school personnel, but of parents as well.  In the interest of student safety, students should not arrive prior to the opening of the building at 8:40 am. 
    In the event of a child needing to come early, students may be in the gym between 8:20 am and 8:40 am.  Unless they are under the direct supervision of a staff member, students are expected to be out of the building and off school grounds by 3:30 PM.  Upon dismissal from an afternoon activity, students are not to remain in the school or on school grounds.  Empty and unsupervised schoolyards and buildings may hold unanticipated dangers for students.

    Books, including paperbacks, are the student's responsibility and must be cared for and paid for if lost and not found by the end of each trimester.  Students should check with their teachers, locker partners, and lost and found as soon as a book is missing.  Book prices vary and can be very expensive.

    All visitors to Winterhaven MUST report to the main office before going elsewhere in the building.  We do not allow our students to have other students spend the day or a portion of the day with them at school.  We do have a designated day, Move Up Day, for incoming and new students to tour the building.  This day occurs in late May/early June. 
    When the need to meet with a staff member arises, parents are urged to make appointments, either by email or a phone call, to insure teacher availability.  Staff members may not be available with less than 24-hours notice.

    All students are encouraged to participate in the numerous activities at Winterhaven School.  We welcome parent/guardian volunteers as well.  We need their help in classrooms, in the library, with fundraisers, as chaperones, and a host of other projects.  Volunteers must sign in at the main office and wear their volunteer badge while they are at Winterhaven.  Volunteers must also submit paperwork for a background check that is good for two years.