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    In addition to the Weekly Bulldog Bulletin email service for our school community (new in 2018-19 and archived on our homepage), Richmond has historically published the Richmond Shinbun. In 2018-19, we published an issue in each of the school months without a major school vacation with messages from the school and contributions from interested Richmond Family Organizations such as the PTA and ONK, and PPS departments as relevant. 

    Whenever published, a link to the electronic copy (enabling live links) is sent to family emails through the Bulletin and linked here on our school site. We also print a handful of paper copies for the clear wall-rack outside of the main office and replenish as needed. If your family would like to always receive a paper copy sent home with your student, simply send in a 'Paper Shinbun Request' note to the office with your child's name and the name of the homeroom teacher.

    Files linked below are PDF.  If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download them, Click Here


    2018-2019 Editions
    (published in the months without major breaks)