• library

      Chapman's library serves all staff and students K-5 with a collection of over 12,000 books.  


         Staff                                                         Hours

    Melissa Juska                                                                                                 Monday - Friday  

    Media Specialist/Teacher-Librarian                                                                     8:00 - 2:00  





    All K-5 classes have library once a week.  Students come to the library with their class or with teacher permission during open times.


    Library Agreements                                                                                                                                      

    • Be Safe   
      • Walk in the library, especially on the Story Steps

      • Use step stools or ask for help with reaching higher shelves

    • Be Respectful
      • Respect others’ personal space and items

      • Respect library books and materials

      • Use quiet voices in the library

    • Be Responsible
      • Keep books away from food and drinks, pets, and younger children

      • Have a place just for books at home or school


    Checking out and returning books                                                                               

    Kindergarten - 1 book that stays in the classroom                                                                               

    1st grade - 1 book that can go home starting in October

    Upper grades can take home as many books as their grade level:

    2nd grade - 2 books

    3rd grade - 3 books

    4th grade - 4 books

    5th grade - 5 books

    Students can keep books for 2 weeks, but are encouraged to bring them back weekly and get new books!

    Books are returned to the library during weekly class times or open times.

    Books can be renewed if students need more time to read them, unless a book is on hold for another student.

    Students can request a hold on a checked-out book so it can be put aside for them when it's returned.


    During the school year, students and families may receive emails about book due dates or overdue books.  These are sent by PPS Libraries' automated system as a courtesy reminder.

    Any questions about these emails can be directed to Mrs. Juska at mjuska@pps.net.


    PPS Libraries do not charge late fees for overdue books.  Fees are only charged if a book is damaged beyond repair.  The replacement cost will be posted in School Pay.

    Please contact Mrs. Juska if you have any questions or need assistance with fees.