• Chapman Kindergartners are moving back to Main Campus!
    Good News
    It was announced last week that Chapman kindergarten students will be moving from the Ramona Campus, joining their neighbors & classmates at Chapman Main Campus. The move will take place the weekend of October 29th. (No school for students that day; it is a teacher planning day.) Kindergartners will report to Main Campus on Tuesday, October 30th, just in time for school picture retakes!
    The kindergartners will be able to attend classes in the same building as their siblings & schoolmates. They will eat lunch in the same place and have recess, events & activities together. Many PPS departments are working together to make this transition occur; more information will be posted as it is confirmed.
    Please note: the kindergartners will follow the same school schedule as Chapman Main.
    Breakfast Begins: 7:45 am in the cafeteria
    First Bell/Dropoff: 7:54 am
    Tardy Bell/Class Begins: 8:00 am
    Dismissal: 2:15 pm
    Beginning October 29th, the Ramona Campus will be shut down & all communications should be directed to Chapman Main.
    Office Hours: 7:45 am - 3:30 pm
    Phone: 503-916-6295
    Attendance email: chapattend@pps.net * Attendance phone line: 503-916-3619 
    Transportation information is available at the Student Transportation website. If you would like an idea of how your student's ride may be affected (stop times, etc.) input your street address in the first space of the Edulog program. Select "Grade 01" in the "Grade" menu to get an idea of how pickup & dropoff times may be affected. (This does not mean they are in Grade 1, it will simply allow you to access the schedule for Main Campus instead of the Ramona.) The program - and our website - will be updated as we receive more information. 


    Chapman School and Chapman at the Ramona have a long tradition of excellence. Throughout the years Chapman has been recognized for its outstanding programs. Chapman received an "Outstanding" rating on the 2008-2009 Oregon state report card.

    Chapman Main Campus, housing grades 1-5, was built in 1923 and features a beautiful auditorium with a balcony. The world's largest population of Vaux's Swifts makes its home in the Chapman chimney every year in late August and early September. Chapman Elementary is located at the top of Wallace Park, at 1445 NW 26th Ave.  

    Chapman is a neighborhood school serving approximately 500 students from kindergarten through fifth grade.

    The entire school community benefits from a diverse student population, with children from many ethnic and economic backgrounds. Chapman’s English Language Learner program serves students speaking many different languages including: Spanish, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Thai, Farsi, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Italian, Portugese & French.

    We can be reached at:

    Chapman Main Campus (1-5)                                                          Chapman at the Ramona (K) (Closing October 26th)

    Pamela Van Der Wolf, Principal pvanderw@pps.net                Pamela Van Der Wolf, Principal pvanderw@pps.net

    Katy Vawter, Assistant Principal kvawter@pps.net                    Katy Vawter, Assistant Principal kvawter@pps.net

    1445 NW 26th Ave                                                                                     1545 NW 13th Ave

    Portland OR 97210                                                                                    Portland OR 97209

    503-916-6295                                                                                             503-916-5360

    Attendance Message Line: 503-916-3619                                       Attendance Message Line: 503-916-6296


    Early Entry Information
    For more information please contact Portland Public Schools Talented and Gifted Department at 503-916-3358, or visit the PPS website here.