• Chapman School Supply Lists 2023/2024

    Teachers have noted particular brand names on some items, please buy these if possible, but a similar item is fine. Unless noted, color is not important on items like notebooks, scissors, etc.

    If you are not able to purchase the items, don't worry, just let your teacher know.


    ALL STUDENTS should have a water bottle with a tight fitting lid


    1.      2 packages of disinfectant wipes
    2.      2 packages of baby wipes 


    First Grade

    1.      2 packages of Lysol wipes
    2.      1 pair student scissors (fiskars preferred)
    3.      1 set crayola watercolors paints
    4.      1 two-pocket folder
    5.      2 spiral notebooks (red and green)


    Second Grade

    1.       2 packages disinfecting wipes
    2.       1 pink or white eraser
    3.       2 black sharpies, fine point


    Third Grade

    1. Student pencil sharpener
    2. Package of lysol wipes
    3. Clear hinged pencil box
    4. Plastic 2 pocket folder (no prongs)
    5. Headphones or Earbuds for use with chromebook
    6. Munoz Only -- 1" binder

    Fourth Grade

    1. Wide Ruled composition book
    2. Graph Paper composition book
    3. Clear Ruler
    4. 2 spiral notebooks
    5. clear pencil box
    6. 2 black sharpies, fine point

    Fifth Grade

    1. Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Notebook Paper, pack of 100 sheets
    2. Water bottle with tight fitting lid
    3. 4 pack of PaperMate Flair felt tip pens, black
    4. 1 package of cleaning wipes (Clorox, Lysol, etc)
    5. 1 Box of tissues