• Art

    Ms. D-Y’s art class is a place where you will be able to get creative, get a little messy, and have a lot of fun making all kinds of art. As a kindergartner, you get to go to art class twice per week for a half an hour each time. All students will learn about art using a wide variety of tools like paint, ink, clay, crayons, and pencils and lots of different materials including papier mâché, cardboard, canvas, and more. Students also learn about different artists from many backgrounds, regions, and eras.


    You might have been to other libraries to check out books with your families, and our library is a lot like those other libraries, except that it is just for our school. 

    We have a wonderful librarian who works at Laurelhurst named Ms. Lang. All students get to go to the library once a week to learn about new books from Ms. Lang and to check out books to take home and read. 


    Physical Education

    In PE, you will be moving your bodies a lot! You will get to learn different kinds of games, exercises, and sports. You will get to learn about keeping your body healthy and strong through movement, both on your own and as a part of a team with your fellow kindergartners. Our coaches make PE so much fun while teaching all students important skills to help them succeed physically and socially when engaged in sports and games.