The Mason Bee Society

  • Mason Bees are such effective pollinators because they have a lot of hair on their body which picks up pollen. Unlike honeybees which clean themselves after each visit to a flower and lose 90% of the pollen, the Mason Bees carry all of their pollen from flower to flower.

    Around June you'll notice that the mason bee activity is coming to an end. The life span of these gentle bees is around 6 weeks, which makes their pollinating season a short one.              
    Mason bees, and leafcutter bees, are generalist foragers, meaning they gather nectar and pollen from many types of flowers. Make sure you provide a variety of plants with staggered blooming periods so that they have forage throughout their seasons.
  • All About the MBS

    • The M.B.S (Mason Bee Society) is made to appreciate the bees, hold, have fun with them and help them.  🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝


    • It is entirely student run and operated.


    • The Mason Bee Society saves Mason Bees from many harms such as fungi, and, (Not the Mason Bee Society) but kids have been ruining their homes and hurting them. Please tell your children about Mason bees and why they matter!