• TAG Resources for Parents

    Question: How do I refer my child for TAG nomination:

    Complete the form located on the TAG bulletin board next to the office and return it to your child's teacher prior to parent/teacher conferences in November.

    Question: What are Saturday Academy classes and how do I register for classes?  What is the summer challenge camp?  Are these classes limited to identified TAG students?

    "Classes are for students in grades 2 - 12 (in the summer for students entering grades 2 - 12). SA provides adventures for the curious! Classes & Camps are for anyone who wants to explore new topics and likes to learn by doing. They are small, informal and project-oriented.

    Students can explore a multitude of topics from science, engineering and technology to humanities and the arts. There are no tests or grades, and only occasionally are there prerequisites.
    Locations are throughout the Portland Metro area and classes are taught by professionals from many different fields. Our instructors bring expertise in the subjects they've chosen to teach and excitement for helping students discover new ideas." (Saturday Academy website)

    Link to Saturday Academy: http://www.saturdayacademy.org/

    Challenge Camp Website:


    "Think big (and very tiny) as we explore our place in the Universe. The Saturday Academy annual TAG Challenge Camp will be held on the Reed College campus inne. Designed for TAG students who will be entering grades 4 or 5 in fall 2012, the day camp will provide a week of classes and challenges designed to expand the knowledge and skills of academically and intellectually talented students."

    Classes are not limited to TAG students, but they are geared to high achieving, curious children.  All students can find classes of interest.  There is tuition for all Saturday Academy classes.  Tuition assistance is available through Saturday Academy.

    Question: How do I convert my child's score on OAKS assessments to a percentile score:


    Questions: What are some other resources and events for students at Bridlemile:

    Portland Public School Talented and Gifted Website

    Question: What if I want to request an individual plan for my student?

    In most cases the Bridlemile Building Plan provides services for your TAG student, but you may request an individual plan at any time.  Your child's teacher should be able to show you how they are pre-assessing your child and how they are differentiating for your child's learning needs.  You may, at any point, request an individual plan be written for your child.

    Question: Who else may I talk to at Bridlemile?

    Please contact our building TAG Coordinator, Andrew Dauch at adauch@pps.net or 503/916-6292.