Site Council

  • The Site Council provides leadership, direction and support to the school community to achieve school improvement that addresses both district and school priorities in accordance with Oregon Administration Regulations for the 21st Century School and Portland Public Schools’ Policies for Site Councils.

    What is Site Council?
    The duties of a 21st Century Schools Council shall include but not be limited to:

    1. The development of plans to improve the professional growth of the schools staff;
    2. The improvement of the schools instructional program;
    3. The development and coordination of plans for the implementation of programs under this chapter at the school; and
    4. The administration of grants-in-aid for the professional development of teachers and classified district employees.

    Who is on the Site Council?
    A 21st Century Schools Council shall be composed of teachers, parents, classified employees and principals or the principals designee, as follows:

    1. Not more than half of the members shall be teachers;
    2. Not more than half of the members shall be parents of students attending that school;
    3. At least one member shall be a classified employee; and
    4. One member shall be the principal of the building or the principals designee.

    Site Council Meeting Minutes