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    Health Information

    Protocol for medication given at schools

    By Oregon law, if medication must be given at school, you must:

    -Provide written permission via specific form available in office.  Any change to the medication dose or schedule will require the parent to update the medication form and provide a current medical prescription from the healthcare provider.

    -Make sure all medication (prescription and over the counter) is in its original container and marked with the student's name. Prescription medications need a current pharmacy label.

    -All medication must be delivered to the school by the parent or responsible adult designated by the parent.  Students may not keep medication with them unless they are age appropriate, have been identified as a self-manager, have written parent, written physician permission for prescriptions AND are cleared by the principal to do so.  Students may only carry one single day's supply of medication.

    -Make sure the school has an adequate supply of all medications required by your child.

    -Pick up the medication when it is no longer needed at the school.  All medication not picked up by the end of school year will be destroyed.

     Additionally, Oregon law prohibits school personnel from administering substances that are not approved by the FDA. 

    Please contact the school's Nurse or Health Assistant for more information.