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  • The Arleta PTA welcomes you! Visit our website at and Facebook page at for updated information


    What is the Arleta PTA?

    Arleta PTA is the family group for Arleta School dedicated to supporting the children, teachers and community at Arleta School through volunteerism, outreach, fundraising, and advocacy. All families are welcome and encouraged to participate. The following items describe some of the things we are involved with at Arleta:

    * Utilizing the strengths of our school and community to support Arleta teachers and staff

    * Helping to raise funds for field trips, school activities, and school improvements that enrich our children's lives

    * Coordinating with staff and community on parent-led projects (landscaping/garden activities, playground improvement project)

    * Working towards the development of sustainable practices at Arleta 

    * Coordinating school and community events (Family Movie Nights, Middle School Honor Roll celebrations)

    * Coordinating traditional Arleta family events (Fall Dance, End of Year Family Picnic)

    General Meetings

    Everyone is welcome to attend!

    General PTA meetings occur on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

    Childcare for school-age children is provided.

    If you are unable to attend scheduled meetings but still want to be involved, please contact a board member – there are many ways you can become involved!

    Volunteer Opportunities

    There are so many ways to support our school through volunteering! Contact the office, your student's teacher or check the newsletter and Facebook for opportunities.

PTA Website

  • You can also learn more about our projects and what we do at Arleta through our website: