• Arleta has excellent Kindergarten teachers who provide well-developed learning methods that meet the needs of each child. Learn more at our upcoming Connect to Kindergarten sessions, Feb. 24 6-7pm and April 15 3-4pm

    What to expect: Weekly physical education, music, and library classes, frequent field trips, daily choosing time, and many great opportunities for reading, writing and mathematics learning.

    Open communication with your teacher - Example Classroom Newsletter

    Check out these teaching tools and work examples: 

    Sight/"heart" words

    heart words

    ASL Alphabet Phonics & Short Vowel Sounds

    Math with your kindergartner

    Student Work Examples:

    • Pre-emergent Writers: typical early kindergarten writing--the story told only in pictures or with a string of letters and numbers that don't correspond with words to "read" the story. One example, 2nd example, 3rd example
    • Emergent Writers: mid-kindergarten text demonstrates some letter-sound knowledge and may include a sight word or two. Not readable without picture or support and a lot of inferring. Three examples
    • Spring Kindergarten Writers: uses letter/sound knowledge to spell phonetically and a mix of a known sight words and environmental print. By spring most kindergartners use 2-3 strategies to spell words and can usually write 2-3 sentences on the same topic. My Cat Woke Me UpThe Talking Garbage
    • Room 9 Poetry

    Getting Ready: Contact Nicole in the office for a tour:, or come in on Fridays at 8:30 in March & April (except Spring Break) for a tour with an Arleta parent, REGISTER EARLY, read, read, read and practice the ABC's

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