• Philosophy

    We believe that mathematics is a way of thinking and communicating. We believe that all students are capable of enjoying the development of their own mathematical understanding and its application in their daily lives. Therefore, our instructional practices emphasize exploring mathematical concepts and building analytical and critical thinking skills.


    Upon completion of the Winterhaven K-8 mathematical program, students will display competence in basic skills/computation and self-confidence in their mathematical concepts. They will:

    • Communicate thought processes using symbolic, visual, and verbal reasoning, including the development of models that represent conceptual understanding
    • Apply deductive logic to abstract situations and problem solving
    • Generalize mathematical relationships
    • Utilize mathematical concepts beyond the mathematics classroom
    • Monitor personal educational endeavors including goal setting, self-evaluation, and reflection
    • Demonstrate perseverance, flexibility, and resourcefulness when faced with difficult mathematical problems or concepts
    • Demonstrate personal satisfaction in learning and doing mathematics

    All students will strive toward these standards throughout their entire Winterhaven educational experience.