SUN School (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods)

  • Vernon is proud to be a SUN Community School where our school and partners from across the community come together to make sure kids and families have what they need to be successful - in school and in life.

    Vernon’s SUN program mobilizes and strategically organizes community resources to provide:

    • Strong core instructional program
    • Educational support and skill development for youth and adults
    • Enrichment and recreation activities
    • Family involvement and support
    • Social, health and mental health resources
    • Family and community events

    Through Vernon’s SUN program, the collective efforts of our youth, parents, businesses, faith communities, libraries, and community organizations create a network of supports that ensure academic success, family self-sufficiency, and economic prosperity.

    Questions?  Please contact SUN's new Manager, Shania Rose at:


    Primary Activities

    Though there is a broad range of activities provided at Vernon’s SUN Community School, SUN’s primary activities are considered to be extended-day academic and enrichment programs that are linked with the school day. Some examples of these services include classes that help strengthen students' core academic skills, enrichment classes such as Music, Art, Drama, Dance, AKA Science, Gardening, Mentoring, Recreational Sports and Fitness, Computer and Technology, and leadership opportunities.

    In previous years, our SUN program has offered Marimba, Guitar, Girls on The Run, Poetry, Bucket Drumming, Drama, Fun and Fitness, Cooking, Reading and Math Success, Lego Robotics, Hip Hop, Geography Club, Leadership, and our girl empowerment group Girls On The Rise.

    Families are brought together for evening events throughout the school year through SUN Showcase Nights, Craft Night, Multicultural celebrations, Parent/Child workshops, and many more fun family activities.

Chess for Success is open to Vernon students in grades 2 - 8


    Chess for Success

    Chess Club is open to students in grades 2 - 8.  Jacqueline Beavers and Blake Scrivner ( are the new Chess Co-Coordinators for the 2023-2024 school year.  Assisting them is former Vernon teacher, Michael Malone, who serves as the Chess for Success Advisor.

    Our Chess Club is known as "The Knight Owls."

    Our team teaches more than just the game of chess. Chess play supports problem solving, thinking systematically, and encouraging classmates to succeed. Established by long-time Chess Coach, Michael Malone, we hope to maintain our club as the premier club in our region.

    Congratulations to Vernon's Knight Owls who took 1st place at the District Chess championship and went on to win the 2023 State Tournament! 

    Students who are interested in joining the Chess Club can sign up during the SUN enrollment weeks.  You'll need to complete an SEI/SUN application and Class Choice Forms.


    History of Chess For Success

    Founded in 1994, Chess for Success is an extracurricular, educational program that uses chess to teach children important skills necessary for success in school and life. More than 52 schools host Chess for Success programs, with more than 2,500 children participating. This appealing after-school activity promotes their healthy development, enriches their lives, and entices them to attend school so they can participate in chess club. Children have to make decisions slowly and patiently about choosing good moves and then re-evaluate their decisions. Without realizing it, they are developing the same skills children need to read a book with comprehension, solve a math problem and take exams.

    Chess instills in children a sense of self-confidence, patience, self-control and responsibility. The challenge of the game stimulates critical thinking. Children learn social skills, sportsmanship, how to solve problems, control anger and learn from mistakes. They also learn the important connection between actions and consequences and the benefits of thinking before acting.

    Chess has a positive effect on the self-image of students, particularly those students who have not enjoyed academic success and may not be perceived as “smart” by their peers and adults. Chess possesses a unique capacity for focusing the attention of young children and providing challenging experiences that stimulate the development of critical thinking, even among children who are usually restless and unable to concentrate on schoolwork.

    For more information, please visit the Chess For Success website: