About Beaumont - Sobre Beaumont

  • Beaumont and PPS' Mission and Vision

    VISION: Beaumont is a diverse school community where students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

    MISSION: Beaumont serves a vibrant, multilingual, and multicultural community. Together, we will collaborate to provide relevant and rigorous learning opportunities that adapt to students' needs. 

    DLI VISION: The dual language Spanish immersion program provides students with the opportunity to develop skills to become bilingual, biliterate and bicultural. Native speakers of English, Spanish as well as additional home languages, work together in a cooperative, language-rich environment to develop high levels of academic achievement in both English and Spanish.


    Beaumont Families and Staff Mission: To foster an inclusive community where culture, diversity, and community are celebrated. At Beaumont, we are intentional about encouraging student voice and student agency. Students will be provided with an engaging and relevant curriculum that fosters the development of the whole person. 

    Beaumont Families and Staff Vision: Beaumont Middle School students will become empathetic and respectful community members, engaging in critical self-reflection and mindfulness in order to be aware of their contributions to an inclusive and just society. 



    What families are saying about Beaumont / Lo que dicen las families de Beaumont...

    - “the Beaumont staff rocks! My son came home and could not stop talking about squad games. Thanks for making in person school so exciting!”
    - “I’ve been telling anyone who will listen about how incredible the basketball game was. It was nice to see so many teachers playing and watching. Throw in the band and it was the icing on what was an amazing event.”
    - "standing ovation to the entire Beaumont faculty and team on their endeavors- it's remarkable on an average day but when you put it in the pandemic context of extended dysfunction all around us, it's truly above & beyond. The love you show the students is seen by at least this parent, and at the end of the day, it's what matters most, IMHO."
    - "thank you for giving those kids an opportunity to get together and play some volleyball. It doesn't seam like much, but it meant a lot to our daughter"
    - "....BMS has found such a creative approach to behavior management, reinforcing personal responsibility, and introducing some good fun into what I know is a challenging year for so many. You rock!"
    - "Your enthusiasm (as a staff) is contagious....our student came home yesterday pumped and excited to tell us all about the latest challenge and standings, and was eager to see what today would bring."
    - "...just wanted to let you know how thankful we are to be part of a school that values community building"
    - "My husband and I were absolutely amazed at the kickball game tonight! We didn't know Middle Schools put on these kinds of events. What was most impressive was the number of teachers we saw.....great stuff!"
    - "How much fun was that? You guys make every school activity feel like a huge production! Way to start the year!"