Mission / Misión

  • Your Neighborhood Middle School of Choice


    As the only middle school in the Grant High School Cluster, Beaumont offers an option devoted to the specific needs and development of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Focusing on academic achievement, the school also supports students as they transition socially and emotionally from the elementary environment to the rigors of high school.

    Highly Qualified middle school teachers present Core subjects—literature, writing and social studies—while specialists teach lab sciences, math, band, PE, languages and a range of electives. A team of professionals support the special emotional, behavioral and learning needs of all students during the middle school years.

    Many students live in the neighborhood and walk or ride bikes with friends. Beaumont also welcomes transfers, based on the PPS School Choice criteria, adding to the school's already diverse culture.

    We invite you to visit Beaumont. Let us show you the power of our positive learning community.