Dance and Celebration

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    School dances are a time for Beaumont students to hang out and socialize with their classmates.

    Students enjoy great music, snacks and drinks while volunteer chaperones and BMS staff make sure everyone is having a good time in appropriate ways. Music and dancing are held in the new gym, while ping-pong, games, snacks and socializing are held in the cafeteria.

    Dances are usually held on the last school day of each quarter. Exact dates and time are announced in the Daily Roar a few weeks ahead of time. Permission slips and a small fee are required at the door.

    Don't miss out on all of the fun! See you there.





    Other Events

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    In addition to after-school dances there are several other student-centered events that are a part of our Beaumont School culture. A few of the highlights include:

    • Spirit Week: We have at least two a year, run by different student leadership groups. During Spirit Week you get to dress up based on a particular theme for each day. It's a great way to add a little fun and variety to your wardrobe, and a chance to be adventurous and bold.
    • Staff Kickball Game

    BMS Staff and Students 2020


    • Staff Volleyball Game
    • Staff Basketball Game
    • Science Fair: Beaumont's annual Science Fair is an evening celebration of student work in Science. You will spend weeks conducting your experiment, and then present your results at this event.
    • No One Eats Alone Day: Beyond Differences hosts this event which happens during lunch once a year.
    • Final Days: The last day of school is a time of celebration and play with friends. At Beaumont, each grade level has their own end of the year celebration. Previous celebrations have included: Field Day, Oaks Park, and a trip to Seaside.