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Freddy Aguilar

Aguilar, Freddy

Drew Marques

  • In automotive, the things one can do, both in class and after you've graduated, are near limitless. We cover everything from the most basic tools, to parts, to the computers controlling modern-day vehicles, making the class one that covers a broad spectrum of concepts, all of which are relevant to anyone seeking employment in the automotive industry. The content is engaging and always as hands-on as it could possibly be.


    Why Automotive

    The opportunities Benson automotive students are presented with are unique, fun, informative and can help even in day-to-day life, keeping up with the maintenance of one's own vehicle. Learning how to machine brake drums, change tires and oil, check the charge on a battery and recognize signs that may indicate trouble, are all valuable skills that are gained as we get real experience working with these systems and parts to both understand how they work and know how to maintain them.

    This pathway also covers the operation of vehicle engines and transmissions. Students are given the chance to assemble and reassemble an engine of our choice, which is one of the assignments students most look forward to. 

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