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  • May 8th Weekly Report

    In this Edition

    Message From Dr Berg: Below

    Direct Giving Information: Below

    Odyssey Family Showcase – Please Send YOURS!: Below & Attached

    K12 Update: Below

    345 Update: Below

    678 Update: Below

    8th Grade Spanish Update: Below

    Coach Payne Update: Below

    School Counselor Stephanie Update: Below

    Greetings From The Library Ladies: Below

    SafeOregon Tipline: Below

    Run For The Arts Student Design Contest: Below

    Odyssey Facebook Page: Below

    Online Enrollment for 2020-2021 Kindergartners: Below

    PTA Reimbursements: Below

    Census Fact Sheet: Attached



    Upcoming Events

    Monday May 11, 11:00 am: Pajama Day!

    Tuesday May 12, 12:00 pm: Costume Day-dress up with your favorite costume

    Wednesday, May 13 9:30 am: Waffle Wednesday-I will be making waffles, what will you have for breakfast?

    Thursday, May 14 12:00 pm: Wear your Odyssey gear and get ready for some fun Friday jokes and a little dance party



    Message From Dr Berg


    Hello Odyssey Families,

    As you all know, the district will be going to a four day work week starting this week with Friday May 8th being the first furlough day for staff.  We know that many of you (including teachers) have gotten in the groove of online learning and this messes up your schedule.  I know it's hard to make yet another shift but I also know that you can all do it with the grace and hope that you do everything else.  


    In an effort to have a little fun, we are going to do some short assemblies next week.  They will be themed and we invite all participants to join in on the themes.  I will send the links out Monday morning.  Here are the times:


    Monday 11:00 AM (Pajama Day!)

    Tuesday 12:00 PM (Costume Day-dress up with your favorite costume)

    Wednesday 9:30 AM (Waffle Wednesday-I will be making waffles, what will you have for breakfast?

    Thursday 12:00 PM (Wear your Odyssey gear and get ready for some fun Friday jokes and a little dance party)


    We will have some fun Odyssey students and I will record to post for later if anyone cannot make it.  We will hopefully also have some special guest stars, so please join us!!!!

    Thinking of all of you,

    Dr. Berg 



    Direct Giving Information


    Dear Odyssey Community,

    While this has been a very difficult season as we’ve moved from the energetic halls of East Sylvan to the new experience of distance learning, we’re so encouraged to see the spirit of the Odyssey Community is still very much alive.  The PTA Board would like to let you know how you can help extend that spirit into the 2020/2021 school year.


    Many of the experiences that make Odyssey so special are funded by the Direct Giving families contribute each year. From performances to Field Study, there are many features of our program that can’t happen without funding beyond what is provided by the district. With the transition to distance learning, we will not be utilizing all of those funds and the PTA budget has about $85,000 remaining – about half of our annual income. 


    The PTA Board recognizes that every family is being impacted differently by this crisis and we want to ensure that you are aware of your options for funds that have been previously donated.  Below are your options:


    1.     No Changes – Leave your Direct Giving contribution as is, and it will be kept in the fund to be used to serve the Odyssey Community during the 2020/2021 school year including hardship support and school improvements. 


    2.     Credit – Receive a credit for the portion of your 2019/2020 Direct Giving contribution that has not yet been utilized (approximately 50%).   This credit will go towards your suggested contribution for Direct Giving in the 2020/2021 school year.


    3.     Refund – Receive a refund of the portion of your 2019/2020 Direct Giving contribution that has not yet been utilized (approximately 50%). 



    ·       Receiving a refund may create a tax liability for those who have claimed the donation as tax-deductible.

    ·       If you utilized corporate match, you need to contact your employer regarding their policies for refunded donations.


    When possible, donating your 2019/20 Direct Giving will make a huge difference in keeping Odyssey financially healthy and ensuring that we’re able to support all the families who may need hardship assistance in the upcoming school year.


    If you are requesting a refund or have any questions, please email directgiving@odysseyprogram.org by Friday, May 15th.  If you’d like to donate your funds or take a credit, no action is needed at this time. All Direct Giving information is strictly confidential. 


    Together we will overcome these challenges and emerge stronger. We hope all of you are staying healthy. Thank you for your support during these uncertain times.

    Our warmest wishes,

    Odyssey PTA Board



    Odyssey Family Showcase – Please Send YOURS Today!

    Odyssey is a creative and fun community even when we're apart.  Here's what some of you have been up to lately:


    Cora in K12 has been very busy!  Look at the masks for her stuffed animal friends and sidewalk chalk math - way to be creative Cora!  See  the 4 attached photos!


    Noomi in K12 wrote a beautiful "I Am" Poem in April for National Poetry Month. The world needs more poetry and we loved reading yours!  The poem is attached as a Word document.

    Ronan in 678 has been perfecting his cooking skills (photos attached - look at these pretzels!) and has even made some how-to videos!


    If you want to share some of the fun things you have been doing please send to Laura Jones at ljones2@pps.net


    K12 Update


    Hello Odyssey K-1-2 Families,


    We have been physically out of school for 9 weeks now. That is unbelievable! Our virtual classrooms have been up and running for 6 weeks now. We never thought that this would become our way to teach the rest of the year. We miss you and your children everyday. 


    A new schedule change for some of our Google Meetings has begun. Mrs. Howard personally had to change a Friday meeting to Thursday mornings. The invites went out Wednesday as soon as she heard from the district office that the furloughs passed the vote at the board meeting. Flexibility, is the word of the day! We will adjust and keep on rolling along this virtual highway of teaching.


    This week we have talked with our groups about our powerful feelings that we are experiencing. Ms. Gregoire did one on how it is ok to talk and share with friends about being left out. Mrs. Howard did a lesson on the sadness we are feeling about not seeing each other at school anymore. We want them to know that it is ok to tell your friends your feelings. We have been working hard on Opinion writing for these few weeks and reading Fiction Books and having conversations on the theme/lessons, details and important parts in the stories. Lots of great responses on all the activities the students are doing on Seesaw! 


    Mrs. Wilebski is recovering from her surgery on her broken arm that she had on Wednesday. We all wish her a speedy recovery. Both Ms Gregoire and Dr Berg ran her other 2 meetings this week. A big Thank you to both of them!


    Thank you to all of you as we go through this together. Keep reading together as a family and have a great weekend with this amazing weather. Happy Mother's Day to all our moms out there.

    Stay safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Strong!


    Edie Howard, Sue Gregoire and Kate Wilebski

    Your Odyssey K-1-2 Teachers



    345 Update


    Ahoy from the 345 cluster!


    Your 345 teaching team would like to express how sad we are with the PPS’ decision to shorten teachers’ work week. We hope that with this furlough, many jobs for next year can be saved. With the teacher furlough, it’s time for us to trim our sails!


    Although we will no longer be available on Friday’s, we’ve come up with some creative ways for our ship to stay afloat! We’ve identified three of our most important content areas for online learning that we are going to make a priority: Social Emotional Learning (check-ins, Office hours, Homeroom Team Meetings, and live lessons - we care about how our students are

    doing during this time of crisis!), Literature, and Math. We will be putting our greatest efforts into these areas and they will remain the bulk of our program.

    That doesn’t mean that History, Simulation, and Science are vanishing completely! We understand that our students love these areas. They are what sets the Odyssey Program  apart from other schools. We will be assigning smaller, mini lessons. They will be fun and interesting, but less time/effort consuming. Sort of like your favorite condiment… hot sauce anyone?


    Take care,

    The 345 Team


    678 Update


    Hello 678 families,


    The 678 teachers have been scheduling small group meetings with history teams, checking in on teaming, discussing assignments and introducing the units culminating project.  By now most of our teams have chosen their ancient civilization and teams are preparing to become experts on their own culture as they continue to learn about other ancient cultures and what exactly differentiates a social group from a civilization.  For our final project we are asking each team to create a “virtual museum” dedicated to their own civilization, which showcases the five key elements in their culture which defined them as a “civilization”.  Students will both create a museum and have a chance to pay virtual visits to other team museums to broaden their cultural understanding of a variety of ancient cultures.  We are very excited to see what our creative student teams showcase and share!

    In addition to the final project we have also been working to adjust our schedules to accommodate our shorter work week.  We are meeting with each other and our students to create an adjusted schedule for the remainder of the school year.  We will share our updated schedule with you as soon as we have firmed up all our meeting times.  Thank you for your patience as we navigate our four day work week and look for communication from us in the next day or two. 

    As always, we hope you are all well.  We miss you and look forward to continuing success in our online learning environment!

    Best Wishes,

    Krisina Rothwell, Harmony Brinks-Detzer and Alan Damon


    8th Grade Spanish Update


    This week in Spanish, we commemorated ¨Cinco de Mayo¨ and the historic battle in Puebla, México, as on May 5, 1862, the Mexican Army defeated the invading French army, thus enabling México to thwart a potential takeover. 


    In class, we practiced interactively in the oral segments, with emphasis on physical and personal characteristics which we are currently learning in Spanish. We practiced those both in relation to family members as well as to ¨Odyssian Amigos¨.


    In the assignment segment, new section vocabulary cards and story translations rounded out our week.


    Sr. Rainey


    Coach Payne Update


    Hi everyone!

    If you liked the online yoga and would like to possibly do a session or two a week, shoot me an email! Jpayne2@pps.net!
    Thank you, John Payne


    School Counselor Stephanie Update

    Greetings from Stephanie, School Counselor,


    As I sit here at my computer screen and gaze out the window it has been nice to see those glimmers of sunshine.  Hopefully you are finding time to get out and enjoy a walk or  an activity to soak up some Vitamin D.  This week I’ve had the privilege of dropping in on virtual classrooms to say hello and to see some familiar smiles.  I also have a Google Classroom and I post on the Seesaw platform.  I am excited to start facilitating visits via Google Hangouts with small groups of students.  We will engage in some social emotional learning, chat and catch-up with one another.  If you would like me to include your child(ren) shoot me an email and I will send an invitation.  (scox@pps.net)

    Each week I will share a couple of my favorite resources.  Here ya' go…

    PPS Virtual Calming Room 


    Gender Spectrum Resources for Supporting LGBTQ Students , Families and Professionals


    Have a great long weekend! 


    Greetings from the Library Ladies!


    K-1-2 News:

    The voting for the winners of the 2020 K-1-2 and 3-4-5 Mock Caldecott units will close on Sunday night. Keep them coming in and Ms. Chambers will share the results in a special video announcement that will be shared via email next Monday evening!


    Ms. Chambers and Mr. Z are enjoying collaborating on our Art & Media Unit together. We have several fun multimedia activities planned for the rest of May that build on one another. At the end of each cluster’s unit, Ms. Chambers will compile student work into one document and share them via email.


    6-7-8 News:

    More completed research projects are coming in from the 6-7 Library/Media students and the learning shared is so interesting! Remember Ms. Chambers has weekly office hours and is happy to support students in their research and creation processes!


    Ms. Jones is collecting videos and pictures for an Odyssey Family Newsletter.  Have you learned to play the ukulele, did you make a chalk design on the sidewalk that you're really proud of, just want to say hi to Odyssey families or tell a funny joke?  Send whatever you'd like to share to Ms. Jones at ljones2@pps.net with Odyssey Family Newsletter in the subject line.  


    We continue to be here to support all students and families with login and technical support as well as reading recommendations. Don't hesitate to reach out at anytime. :)


    Be well, be safe, and read lots!


    All our best,

    Ms. Chambers & Ms. Jones


    SafeOregon Tipline

    Keeping with our commitment to student safety, PPS joined school districts across the state a couple years ago in using the SafeOregon Tip Line. We want to remind you about this important resource.

    SafeOregon was funded by the Oregon Legislature as part of a statewide effort to
    improve school safety. It provides a secure means for anyone to anonymously report suspicious or imminently unsafe situations that may occur either in person or online.

    Examples of suspicious or imminently unsafe situations include: threats of
    violence/access to weapons, fights, substance use, bullying/harassment, discrimination, intimidation, suicidality, self-harm, bias/hate crimes, and hate speech that is intended to insult, offend, or intimidate based on the attributes of an individual or a group (including disability, gender, gender identity, race/ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation).

    Anyone, from students to parents to community members, can access the system in a variety of ways:

    ● The “Report unsafe behavior” button found on every PPS school’s website
    ● The SafeOregon website 
    ● A live call/text (844-472-3367)
    ● An email to tip@safeoregon.com
    ● The mobile app that can be downloaded from your Smart Phone via iTunes or
    Google Play

    Trained staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to respond.
    Please be sure to share this information with your friends and family. Remind your
    students: If you see or hear something, say something – immediately.

    Let’s work together to keep our community safe.



    Run for the Arts Annual Student Design Contest

    Over the last 40 years, Young Audiences Run for the Arts has helped schools raise nearly $18 million dollars for arts education and has become an established Northwest tradition.

    One of the most exciting parts of this program is the yearly student-designed t-shirt, poster, and other printed materials! Please help us continue this wonderful creative tradition by encouraging your students to submit a design to our Run for the Arts Design Contest, and they could win:

    · $350 cash prize

    · Their design featured on Run for the Arts t-shirts, posters and publications

    · Meet with a professional graphic designer

    · Tour the shirt printing facility

    You can learn more about the contest and download printable entry forms on our website.


    Odyssey Facebook Page

    Please“like” the Odyssey Facebook page. This is a place where parents can share information and resources – the more, the better, especially while we're practicing safe social distancing!  Do you have a question that other parents might be able to answer?  Want to share a great online learning resource or cool DIY videos of activities you can do at home with your kids?  Or maybe you just want to share a funny photo? This is a great vehicle or staying in touch and supporting one another. 



    Online Enrollment for 2020-21 Kinders

    PPS has implemented online registration for kinders!  Odyssey families - follow the link below to get your kindergartener registered.  Please specify your neighborhood school.  After the lottery process is completed and you receive and accept an offer for a lottery slot, the registration will be transferred to Odyssey.  Click here to learn and start the registration process:  https://www.pps.net/Page/14787 , then Select the “Enroll Online” tab.


    Thank you,

    Angela Hoffart

    Principal’s Secretary



    PTA Reimbursements


    Need to be reimbursed by the PTA? Please fill out the required information (and attach your receipts!) at our online link: https://form.jotform.com/92175022001137. We no longer use paper reimbursement forms. Contact Dan Soltesz (dan.soltesz@odysseyprogram.org) if you have any questions.



    Dan Soltesz, PTA Treasurer



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  • Introduction Letter from New Principal, Eryn Berg

    Dear Odyssey Community,

    I am honored to have been chosen as the new Odyssey principal.  Since starting my teaching career in Florida almost twenty five years ago, I have been committed to transformational learning and am excited to move to Odyssey and the embrace of experiential learning.  

    I spent the bulk of my teaching career in Brooklyn teaching high school and it was during that time that I was part of forming 9th grade institutes which committed themselves to interdisciplinary learning and team work.  It is with great excitement that I look forward to more of this work at Odyssey.

    During my time as an administrator I have served at high school, k-5, and k-8 levels and am looking forward to returning to the k-8 world.  This is truly a journey that I am honored to be on and looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know the students, teachers, staff, and families.

    I grew up here in the PNW and my two sons are enrolled in PPS.  I will have a 7th grader and 9th grader next year and truly understand how important it is that our schools provide opportunities for our children to grow academically and emotionally.  Critical thinking is key and I truly believe that by being self-reflective and choosing empathy and understanding, we can prepare ourselves for engagement in the world around us.  

    I am excited to get to know you and please do not hesitate to introduce yourselves and stop by and say hi once we get the new school year up and running.  Looking towards a great year together!

    Dr. Eryn Berg


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