About Us

  • Welcome to The Odyssey Program! We are a Focus Option school within Portland Public Schools located in the West Hills of Portland. At The Odyssey Program, we look at teaching and learning through a different lens and hope it helps to develop students' cognitive, creative and collaborative skills to navigate the world. Our program uses the stories of history to be the basis of our integrated curriculum because stories better help us understand, preserve, reflect and critique the world around us and the world in front of us. 

    All that we do at The Odyssey Program is guided by our Vision & Mission:

    MISSION: At Odyssey our mission is to empower all students to achieve their fullest educational and personal potential through an integrated, culturally responsive and history-themed curriculum. 


    VISION: We will do this in a caring, cooperative, multi-aged learning community that inspires students to think independently, critically, and creatively.  We will support all students through inclusive practices and differentiated instruction. We will center our instruction and curriculum on inclusion and equity to teach students how to negotiate multiple perspectives and be an active participant in their community. 


                                                         Odyssey Program Group Photo

    Odyssey Program Diagram

    To learn more about MultiAge Classrooms, Teaming and Integrated & Experiential Learning, click HERE.