• How to Enroll in the Odyssey Program

    The Odyssey Program is a special type of Portland Public School, known as a Focus Option Program. It is open to all PPS students and families.

    If you are interested in applying to the Odyssey Program, please:

    1. Attend a Parent Information meeting:

    • Meetings are held at the school.  You will be asked to fill out a Statement of Understanding at the Info meeting; which is required to be eligible for the lottery.  The SOU states that you understand the Odyssey Program .

    Information Meeting for 6, 7 and 8th Grade Lottery:
    Thursday, November 7th,  6-7:30 pm

    Information Meetings for K-5th Grade Lottery (attend one of the following):
    Thursday, February 20th, 6-7:30 pm
    Friday, March 6th, 9-10:00 am 

                    Students are encouraged to attend with parent, however childcare is not provided.

    2. Submit a PPS application form, listing Odyssey as your first choice school.    

    • Click here:  PPS Enrollment and Transfer Website for more information OR to complete and submit your lottery application.
    • The 2020-2021 application period for the Middle School (6-8th) lottery opens November 5, 2019 and closes December 3, 2019.
    • The 2020-2021 application period for the Kindergarten - 5th grade opens February 5, 2020 and closes March 6th. 
    • You must attend an information night to be eligible for the lottery.

    3. Read and sign the Odyssey Statement of Understanding (as described above in #1) while in attendance at one of the above meetings.

    4. If you have any other questions regarding the Odyssey application process, transfer or enrollment, please either contact the Odyssey School office at 503-916-6310 or the PPS Enrollment and Transfer office.

                                                               The Odyssey Program at East Sylvan, 1849 SW 58th Ave, Portland, OR, 97221


Meeting all students needs

  • English as a Second Language

    • Register at your neighborhood school. If language assistance is needed, register at a Welcome Center (Link) in August. Centers also assess students English language level.

    Special Education

    • PPS encourages families with concerns about their child's development under age 5 to get an assessment for special education services. Call the Multnomah Early Childhood Program, 503-261-5535, for a referral to the PPS Early Childhood Evaluation Team. Contact the PPS Team directly if you have questions: 503-916-3426. (English/Spanish).
    • Families concerned about their school-age child's academic, motor, self-help, communication or social-emotional skills should talk to their child's teacher about an assessment for services. If you have questions, contact your principal.

    Talented & Gifted

    • Students K-12 are first nominated by their teacher or parent/guardian and then assessed by PPS. If the student meets the criteria, he or she is selected to participate in the program.