• School History

    Creative Science School evolved from a successful Piaget/Constructivist program for four- and five-year olds developed by Jules Goodwin and Deb Dortch in 1986, which they co-taught for nine years. The program was initially housed at Richmond Elementary School.

    In the 1995-96 school year, the program moved to Bridger Elementary School and was renamed the Southeast Science Learning Center. The program initially served kindergarten and first-grade students and then added a new classroom each year to grow into a K-5 program. During its time at Bridger, the program was renamed Creative Science School.

    In the fall of 2008, Creative Science School relocated to the William Clark Elementary School building and added mid-level grades. When Jules retired from CSS in 2008, she and Deb had been teaching together and working to build the program that is now Creative Science School for more than two decades. Deb continued to teach at the school as an assistant in kindergarten and as the part-time librarian until retiring in 2011. Deb continues to volunteer at Creative Science School regularly. 

    In the fall of 2023, Creative Science School moved to the Jim Bridger Elementary building, where it continues to serve K-8 students in Piaget/Constructivism. 

    The Creative Science School community is greatly indebted to Jules and Deb for their passion, endurance, and dedication over the years so that our school could become the remarkable program it is today. We are also grateful that Jules and Deb continue to be actively involved as consultants to support our students, teachers, and staff so that we hold on to our core values as we grow.

Deb and Jules
Jules and Deb in Classroom
Jules and Deb
Jules and Deb