• Our Teachers & Staff

    Our teachers are dedicated to providing a constructivist approach to learning. This means your child will be immersed in a curriculum that asks questions, encourages investigation, promotes cooperative learning, develops problem-solving language, and celebrates creativity. We strive to create a climate where mutual respect among teachers, students, and parents is the foundation and learning how to learn and think is both a daily goal and an opportunity. CSS teachers guide and assist children in learning through experience and experiments, and our team of teachers meets together weekly to support each other.

    For a list of contact information for current teachers and staff, see the Staff List page. 


    Teacher Brandi

    "I love the creative and inspiring ways that the students, parents, and staff come together to make this school a positive and enriching place." - Teacher Brandi


    Teacher Christi

    "Our students are wonderful, capable problem solvers who learn through experiences and sharing ideas with one another." - Teacher Christi


    Teacher Lauren

    "I love the way that the students learn to work and play together, to listen to and learn from each other, and take care of each other." - Teacher Lauren


    Teacher Katie

    "I like teaching at CSS because it allows me the freedom to teach students in the way that best suits them."            -Teacher Katie


    Mr. Lifton

    "The students are eager to learn about the world and seek out the answers to the questions we teachers pose."      - Mr. Lifton

    ML We love our teachers! Hannah & Kate

    Teacher Allison Leslie, Laura & Wade! Teacher Brandi and Teacher Heather Veronica and Matt! Teacher Allison and Counselor Kate!

    Campfire!Lacy & Joanna in th Office!The MidLevel Team!