• Get Connected!

    Whether you’re returning to Creative Science or brand new to our school, staying connected is an important way to make sure you’re getting all the information you need. The best way to contact the school or staff is through email or phone. Email addresses for the whole staff are listed on the Teachers & Staff page. Our phone number is: 503-916-6431


    You can sign up for all or none! But our suggestion is to be at least signed up for SchoolMessenger! Enrollment automatically signs your student up for StudentVue/ParentVue. Contact our School Secretary Joanna if you need support. jgoebel@pps.net



    Konstella This is the main communication of the PTA and Community.

    • Go to Konstella and click Find Your School. After locating Creative Science School, follow the prompts to sign up.

    SchoolMessenger The CSS Office uses this regularly to send newsletters and important messages. 

    • Text YES to 67587 to receive via your phone. 

    • Make sure your email is currently on file with the CSS Office or via ParentVue. You can check ParentVue at any time! 

    Remind App Some teachers send messages this way. 

    ParentVue This is how you will have immediate access to class lists, placement, report cards, or class schedules. Make sure to sign up for this one! 

    SchoolPay This is how you pay for school supplies and field trips or other school donations. 

    Instagram This is managed by the CSS Office.

    Other Very Helpful Websites:

    Need more detailed info? See below:


    What is it? Konstella is CSS’s premier communications platform provided by the CSS PTA. It is secure, private, and user-friendly, and can be viewed as both a website and a cell phone app. It includes: 

    • PTA and school-wide announcements

    • Classroom updates

    • Event reminders (syncs to calendar)

    • Volunteer sign-up opportunities 

    • Private messaging

    • Searchable directory

    • Social groups and committees

    • Sales and donations 

    • File and photo sharing

    Who sends me stuff? You can choose to receive the types of announcements and messages that you want to receive.

    How do I sign up? Go to the Konstella website and search for Creative Science School under Find Your School. Follow the prompts to sign up. Also, look for posters and backpack flyers that contain a secret code for automatic approval for CSS families.

    There’s a lot here. How do I learn how to use this app? Below are two short videos overviews of Konstella and a one-page cheat sheet to learn more about Konstella.




    What is it? SchoolMessenger is a messaging system used by the district and by individual schools to mass communicate with their communities.

    Who sends me stuff? PPS sends you district-wide announcements, attendance calls, and emergency messages. The CSS office sends other info as needed. Even though it’s all sent through the SchoolMessenger system, the sender display name will specify who the message is from.  

    How do I sign up? If your email address is in the Synergy database (the database we use to hold all student and parent information), you’re signed up.

    What’s this I heard about texts? You can also choose to get text messages. Text YES to 67587 to opt in.

    And phone calls too? Yep. PPS usually calls families and staff to notify us of school closures and late openings, but other kinds of phone messages could be sent out in the future. (Note: This is also how you’ll receive attendance calls. If your student is marked absent without excuse in our database past a certain time of day, the autodialer will call your primary number to let you know.)



    Remind App:

    What is it? PPS uses the Remind App as two-way communication between teachers and families. It allows for text, emails, push-notifications, and phone calls. Check out the PPS page to view a detailed video about Remind. 




    What is it? ParentVue is an online portal parents can use to see student schedules, grades, and assignments. It can also be used to communicate with teachers. This is really useful for mid-level parents.

    How do I get an account? You should have received a letter from PPS with a unique activation key needed to create an account, but you could have received that letter when your student first registered at PPS.

    So I totally lost it: If you lost your activation key, email our School Secretary or stop by the CSS main office and we can print you one.

    I have my activation key: Visit the ParentVue Portal to get set up.




    What is it? It’s a way to pay for school stuff online. Check out the links here to pay for school supplies, field trips, dances, and more! 

    How do I sign up? Every parent with an email address in Synergy has an account ready for activation. To activate your account, click right here, click “Find My Account,” and follow the instructions. Students linked to you in Synergy are already linked to you in SchoolPay, so you’ll only see items meant for you and your family.


    Teachers and Staff:

    Check the "Teachers & Staff" > "Staff List" for contact information.