Beverly Cleary School


    Grade levels: K-8

    Principal: John Ferraro

    Student Enrollment: 799

    Beverly Cleary K-8 School is a two-campus school. Our kindergarten and first-grade students are housed at the Hollyrood campus, and the second, third, fourth, and fifth through eighth-grade students are housed at the Fernwood campus. We are proud of our reputation as one of the area's top academic schools. The success enjoyed by students is the result of experienced and industrious staff members, supportive and caring parents, and hardworking focused students. Students participate in a strong academic program that is aligned with state and district standards. In grades 6-8, students have two blocks for instruction. One block is Literature, Language Arts and Social Studies and the other is Math, Science, and Health. Upper-grade students also have one enrichment class per day in addition to PE or Spanish.



    Parent Testimonials

    • "The greatest strength of this school is the sense of community instilled in the students. Our kids are encouraged to be their very best while learning in a collegial atmosphere. The school truly reflects the tenor of the neighborhood."
    • "The overall atmosphere in both buildings is fantastic–-it encourages student excellence, both academically and socially."
    • "This is an excellent school! Both the teachers and parents are very committed to the progress and development of our kids."

    Before and After School Programs

    • Mad Science classes, Early Learning Spanish classes, and Art.
    • Before- and after-school childcare is provided on-site by Campfire Columbia.

    Community Partnerships

    • A number of area businesses are involved in our annual Career Fair. Community service is a course requirement, encouraging students to work together with parents, staff, and community members.

    Student Learning Environment

    • Developmentally appropriate, experiential single grade classroom programs.
    • Instructional assistants, parent volunteers, and student teachers help lower the student-teacher ratio.
    • Our third-grade achievement scores in reading and math are consistently in the top percentile in Oregon and Portland Public Schools. 100 percent met the reading benchmarks for the last two years.
    • Campus partnership tutor-mentor program with Grant High School.
    • Parents as partners in school success for all children. 100 percent parent involvement program.
    • Integration of literacy, performing, and visual arts.
    • Conflict manager program and peer mediation assist students with problem-solving and conflict resolution.
    • Students at Beverly Cleary School are safe, respectful and love to learn. Students are expected to perform community service beginning in grade 5, though it is encouraged at all levels.

    Curriculum Components

    • The instructional program provides students with a developmentally appropriate classroom environment while emphasizing strong reading, writing, and mathematical development.
    • Teachers work with district-approved curriculum and strive to have every child reach his/her learning potential.
    • We integrate art into many curriculum areas and also have art and music specialists who work with each classroom.
    • We have a PTA-sponsored Reading Challenge program that encourages students to read independently and with their families.
    • Library curriculum extends and supports instruction in literacy and research; technology is emphasized as a research and learning tool.
    • Year-round eco-science garden project supports hands-on learning in science, social studies, literacy, and math.
    • Talented and Gifted (TAG) instruction is provided by the classroom teacher. The curriculum is designed to meet each child's learning rate and level.
    • Students have language opportunities in a 2-year Spanish program offered during the 7th and 8th-grade years.
    • Math is offered at each grade level, with a one year High School Algebra course offered in eighth grade. Beverly Cleary School students develop strong math skill through the use of Investigations, Calendar Math and Connected Math. Teachers reinforce all six mathematical strands and develop a strong sense of problem-solving strategies.
    • Three-period block for literature, language arts, and social studies at all grade levels. The curriculum is integrated, with a project focus.
    • Beverly Cleary School has a strong literacy focus. At the third grade level, 98-100% of students met or exceed state reading benchmarks last year. Teachers work hard to ensure that students develop a love for reading and writing early in their school career. In the upper grades, teachers emphasize reading for meaning and vocabulary development.
    • Our science program is strong at Beverly Cleary School. Classrooms are equipped with science materials and lab equipment at the upper levels. Each spring BCS hosts a Science fair for students in which students present a science inquiry project to the community.


    • Principal, one assistant principals, 2 counselors, 30 classroom teachers, media specialists, special education teachers, part-time PE, Music, Spanish, 6 educational assistants, 3 secretaries.
    • Subject area teams work to plan and build the curriculum.
    • Extensive staff development focused on 21st-century innovations: mixed-age, performance assessment, science-math technology, garden ecology, arts integration, early literacy, reading comprehension strategies, and differentiated instruction.
    • Teachers plan in grade-level teams and are committed to providing an exemplary education for every child.

    Parent and Family Support

    • Beverly Cleary School has a high level of parent involvement. Parent volunteers work as tutors, chaperone events and help prepare classroom materials. Volunteers contributed thousands of hours of service last year.
    • Parents and family members serve on the Site Council and Parent-Teacher Association.
    • Parents assist children in year-round eco-science gardening projects.
    • Volunteers staff health screenings, assist in classrooms, garden, library, office, conduct in-school banking, reading incentive and tutor/mentor programs.
    • Family and community members coordinate a wide variety of school activities including a Spring Fling, Run for the Arts, Field Day, Volunteer Program and Foundation Auction.

    Special Programs and Features

    • Chess, Spanish, drama, Mad Science, and art clubs as before- and after-school activities.
    • Strong library program that supports reading instruction and technology development. The library is open to students throughout every school day.
    • Umpqua Bank's in-school student banking program.
    • Artist-in-Residence and guest performers in dance, music, poetry and writing.
    • Year-round garden project.
    • Band program provides travel opportunities for students and many public performances.
    • Educational Resource Center (ERC), Special Education classes, and Life Skills classroom are designed for students with special learning needs.
    • Talented and Gifted (TAG) students are served in their regular classrooms and also receive out-of-class enrichment opportunities. Stipends are available to TAG parents who want to enroll their children in after school enrichment activities.

    Report Card and AYP Scores (Oregon Department of Education school report cards)

    Standardized Test Scores