Administrative Support Staff

Name Position Email Web Page
Bissett, Jennifer School Nurse All Campuses
Calabrese, Karen School Secretary (Hollyrood)
Epley, Kelly School Secretary (Fernwood)
Ferarro, John Principal All Campuses
Fleming, Lonnie Custodian (Fernwood)
Irons, Jim Custodian (Hollyrood)
Kobs, Liz Counselor grades K, 5th-8th
Malmstrom, Rosanne Principal Secretary (Fernwood)
Moar, Kristin Educational Assistant-1st grade
Schakols, Jan Kitchen (Fernwood)
Sun, Regina Assistant Principal Hollyrood

Hollyrood Campus (Kindergarten) Staff

Name Position Email Web Page
Amundson, David P.E. (part-time)
Biello, Gena 1st grade (1/2 time)
Bissett, Jennifer School Nurse
Boyeas, Megan Kindergarten
Calabrese, Karen School Secretary
Hjorth, Sadie Kindergarten
Hunt-Warren, Nicole 1st grade
Irons, Jim Custodian
Knutsen, Kristin 1st grade (1/2 time)
Millerman, Brandy Kindergarten
Moar, Kristin Educational Assistant
Tanner, Gabrielle Art, Academic Support
Williams, Ericka Health Aide

Rose City Park Campus (1st & 3rd Grades) Staff

There are no records to display.

Fernwood Campus (2nd-5th, 6th-8th Grades) Staff

Name Position Email Web Page
Amundson, David P.E. (part-time)
Bailey, Kathy Basic Skills
Barry, Tricia 2nd Grade
Best, May 5th Grade
Chace, Jessica Speech
Christensen, Tracy (Ms. Tracy) 2nd Grade
Date, Brooke Art (Fernwood and Hollyrood)
Davis, Christine Math 7th Grade
Deede, Sarah 7th Grade
Edler, Jennifer 7th Grade LA/Lit/SS
Gibson-Cairns, Rob 8th Grade M/S/H
Giffert, Kathryn Music
Herbage, Jennifer Spanish
Hermes, Leah 8th Grade LA/Lit
Hilyard, Kevin 5th Grade
Jones, Carrie 5th Grade
Keil, Virginia Learning Center
Kendall, Megan School Psychologist
Krom, Julie 4th Grade
Kuhl, Peri 2nd Grade
Lane, Jeff 6th Grade Science
Lawler, Margie Media Specialist (Fernwood) Library
Lee, Maryam 3rd grade
Lowe, Chrysann SLC Life Skills
McBee, Cheri Paraeducator
McBride, Haylee 3rd grade
Miller, Deborah 3rd grade
Moon, Lorraine Paraeducator
Moren, Michael Math
Neitzel, Lynelle Paraeducator
Nelson, Susan 4th grade
Roser, Jennifer 6th grade Language Arts
Schakols, Jan Cafeteria
Schiller, Hailey 6th and 7th grade math
Sherwood, Patrick Math 7th Grade
Short, Rick 7th Grade Ma/Sci/Health
Tabshy, Josh 8th Grade LA/Lit/SS
Talent, Lynn 6th Grade
Vasey, Vicky Special Ed
Walters, Rhonda 4th Grade
Woods, Ken PE EGym