Volunteer Opportunities

  • Ainsworth has lots of different ways to get involved in the community. Whether you are looking for a short commitment during school hours, a weekly commitment, a one-time event, or even something that can be done at home in the evenings, there is something for you to be part of.

    Volunteering with Portland Public Schools

    PPS requires volunteers to 1) Read the Volunteer Code of Conduct 2) Review the Mandatory Volunteer Training 3) Submit a Volunteer Application and Volunteer Background Check 4) Review and Complete Vaccine Requirements before volunteering in a PPS school or facility.

    Visit volunteering with PPS to complete the steps to become a volunteer. If you clear the Volunteer Background Check, you will receive an email that you are now approved to volunteer. This approval is good for three years for any PPS school.  See the possible volunteer opportunities below once you’ve completed the steps above.

    Below is a list of the PTA-sponsored activities and events that would not be possible without our wonderful volunteers. Volunteer signups are usually sent out through the PTA emails and the school’s News and Notes. 

    For classroom opportunities, volunteering signups will come through your room parent(s). 

    There are several volunteer roles that need to be filled for the coming school year…PTA would love your help in 2022-2023! 


    Ainsworth Gear (throughout the year) – Volunteers help gather orders for and distribute this great line of shirts, sweatshirts, and hats with the Ainsworth logo.

    Buckaroo Carnival – A core group of volunteers is needed to lead, plan, and coordinate this festive evening.  Throughout the evening of the event, over 100 parents, middle and high school age-children volunteers share half to one-hour shifts helping to set-up, run games and activities, serve food, and clean up.

    Hispanic Heritage Celebration – A core group of volunteers is needed to plan, lead, and coordinate planning of our Hispanic Heritage Celebration. Throughout the evening of the event, over 100 parent volunteers share half to one-hour shift helping to set-up, help with activities, serve food, and clean up.

    Holiday Home Tour Lead – Leads the Holiday Home Tour which is Ainsworth’s “BIGGEST” fundraiser of the year, the Home Tour has been a tradition in our neighborhood of Portland Heights for over 30 years. The Lead will collaborate with the volunteer coordinator for volunteers for the day of the event and other volunteer needs.

    Holiday Home Tour – One of Ainsworth’s “BIGGEST” fundraiser of the year, the Home Tour has been a tradition in our neighborhood of Portland Heights for over 30 years. Hundreds of Ainsworth volunteers organize and run this annual event, from organizing invitations and tickets to staffing the homes on the day of the event.

    Holiday Wreath & Garland Sales Coordinator – Lead the holiday wreath and garland sales for the school. Coordinator works with other volunteers to help gather orders for and distribute wreaths and garland.

    Classroom Art Volunteers Needed – Ainsworth Foundation is gearing up for this year’s online auction and we need a parent from each class (or two) to help coordinate a student art piece! If you are willing (no talent required).


    Community Chair (throughout the year)– Works with the counselors and student council for opportunities to donate to the community at large. Currently, the role consists of the Harvest Book Drive and Holiday Drive. 

    Holiday Gift Drive – PTA collects holiday gifts for families in our community. We need a team lead and others to help make this event a success.

    Ainsworth Clothing Closet (throughout the year)– Volunteers help organize donated clothes.  As the clothing closet grows, watch for more volunteer opportunities.  We are lucky to have volunteers who helped create this during the pandemic and now we can offer families opportunities close to home. 

    PTA Clothing Center for PPS Students (throughout the year)– The Portland Council PTA Clothing Center offers free clothing to students and families with limited income.  The majority of the items come from unclaimed lost and found items in Portland Public schools. Volunteers are needed to sort and send items to the Clothes Closet and to assist students with picking out clothes. Ainsworth has 2 assigned days that we are expected to send volunteers to help organize and help families shop.


    Talent Show – Held on two nights to accommodate the numerous acts, this event gives students the opportunity to impress their friends and families with great entertainment. Volunteers are needed to help with rehearsal, sound and day of events.  We also need volunteers to set up and clean up.

    School Picture Coordinator – Leads and works alongside the school administrators to help facilitate the set-up of a school picture day. The School Picture Coordinator manages the communication of key information with the photography studio and ensures information about Picture Day is communicated to the administration, families, and staff to prepare for the day.

    Yearbook Coordinator (throughout the year) – We need your help to create a wonderful yearbook! Duties include making sure snap shots and candids from the school year make their way into the yearbook, along with ordering and distributing the books at the end of the year. This volunteer acts as the liaison between the yearbook company and the school. 

    Science/STEM Fair Lead – The event lead will collaborate with the students to help them develop science projects.  The role includes managing the signup day of events and will collaborate with the volunteer coordinator for volunteers for the day of the event.

    Science/STEM Fair – Volunteers are needed to set up, clean up, and judge for the annual Science Fair. Designated for a Saturday morning, students demonstrate their experiments and present their scientific investigations. All students are welcome to enter the egg drop contest and attend interactive science activities.

    Fun Run – Volunteers are needed on the day of this fun run/walk, for which students, teachers, and school staff gather sponsors and then run/walk laps around the back field. All students will receive t-shirts and they have the opportunity to win small prizes for their participation.

    Book Fair Coordinator and Support – Volunteers are needed to set up and staff the annual Scholastic Book Fair. 

    Art Fair – For this evening event showcasing the incredible artwork students have created throughout the school year, volunteers are needed to help display artwork in the gym and hallways, and to operate art activities during the Fair.

    Field Day Organizer – The organizer helps with organizing volunteers, arranging water, snacks and popsicles. Volunteers work with the PE teachers to help make Field Day a success. Field Day is usually a two half-day event, with one day being for is for K-3rd graders and the second day for the 3rd-5th graders. The second day also incorporates the Fun Run. This event take usually takes place at the beginning of June.

    Fifth Grade Promotion – A committee of fifth grade parents plans the year-end celebration to say goodbye to our graduating class. Volunteers are needed to assist in the planning and help on graduation day.

    Library Volunteer Coordinator (throughout the year) – Works with the librarian to develop volunteer opportunities. Recruits volunteers and provides orientation and training procedures and practices of the library.

    Library Aides (throughout the year) – Volunteers are needed to assist the librarian with shelving books and helping students in the library.


    Webmaster (throughout the year) – Volunteers with web design skills are needed to help maintain the Ainsworth PTA website.


    Teacher Conference Dinner – Parent volunteers provide dinner for the staff during the evening conferences potluck style.  Volunteers are needed to cook, help set up, and clean up.

    Staff Holiday Tea – Volunteers are needed to help set up, serve, and clean up for this holiday feast, held in the teachers’ honor, at a neighborhood home.  We are also looking for a family in the neighborhood who would like to host this event. 

    Staff Appreciation Week – One week each spring, the PTA coordinates thanks for our teachers and staff to show our appreciation for their dedication and commitment to our students.  Volunteers are needed to bring savory or sweet dishes for a luncheon planned mid-week.


    Lost & Found (throughout the year) – Volunteers needed to straighten lost and found items throughout the year. Several times a year coordinates, cleans and sends all remaining items to Ainsworth Clothing Closet and the district Clothing Closet.

    Carpool/Drivers (as needed) – With frequent bus route cancellations, there are some critical needs getting children to school. We need help to ensure that all children can make it to school. If you are interested in helping out, contact Jessica Kirkland @ jekirkland@gmail.com or 512-507-6667. Any help is appreciated.


    Grounds Beautification Coordinator (throughout the year) – PPS only sends out grounds maintenance crews 1-2 times a year to schools across the district. An Ainsworth Grounds Beautification Coordinator identifies ground maintenance needs and coordinate volunteer work parties. For the Greenspace, organize work parties to remove invasive plants and plant natives, host Earth Day activities, and support teaching staff in their use of the Greenspace as an outdoor learning space. Help take care of the planter boxes.

    School Office Support (throughout the year) – The focus of this position is to assist the school office with greeting students, parents and other visitors to the school office; assists in filling out forms; answers phone and answers questions; provides general clerical and office duties as needed for Administrators. 


    Volunteer Coordinator (throughout the year) – The focus of the Volunteer Coordinator is to promote good relations between school and community. To determine and implement the best methods for recruiting volunteers to meet the needs of the school.

    New Family Mentor (throughout the year) – Role includes responsibility to help with Kinder Connect and new family picnic.  As new families come in throughout the year making sure that they are connected with the room parents, collaborate with communication liaison to ensure they are receiving PTA communications.  This role is simply to ensure new families have someone to connect with and reach out with questions. 

    Room Parent (throughout the year) – Communicates with parents regarding PTA activities/events and school activities. Maintains a list of classroom parent volunteer opportunities. 


    Presidents (throughout the year) – Serves our community by creating partnerships and fostering an environment where family engagement is encouraged and respected. They set the tone and communication for what they want the PTA to be. Collaborate with administration, teachers and the community to ensure that all are welcome, events are happening, communications are sent out and collaborate with the Treasurer. 

    Treasure (throughout the year) – Creating a budget, work with the CPA, reimbursement checks, working with the accountant.  Ensure that Ainsworth PTA stays in budget.  This is a board position, so meetings are a requirement otherwise about only 30min a week work. The first half of the school year is the busiest time.

    Secretary (throughout the year)– Serves our community by keeping an accurate record of meetings, which become part of the permanent history of the PTA.

    Communication Liaison (throughout the year)– Collaborating with the presidents, event leaders and room parent coordinators to ensure that communications are sent out bi-weekly.  Work closely with the administration and Noah to ensure that they have received communications to go out in News & Notes.  This role is a board position and requires meetings.  This role is an essential role for the PTA and our community. 

    Room Parent Coordinator (throughout the year)– Enlist the help of volunteers and find at least 2 volunteers per classroom. The room parent coordinator is responsible for educating the volunteers on the importance of their role, including budgeting for the classroom, communications, and helping to create a welcoming environment and help to create a community within their class.