• Woodlawn Site Council

    Mission of the Site Council (From Nov 2021 Bylaws)

    The mission of the Woodlawn School Site Council is to provide leadership, direction and support toward the improvement of student performance and school climate. The scope of the council’s work is the following:

    • Assure that the school community is engaged in analysis of how students are performing and in developing school improvement plans.
    • Assure that the school improvement goals address the key areas for improvement
    • Approve and monitor school improvement plans to assure the work outlined is being accomplished and school district goals and requirements are being met.
    • Communication with and include members of the school community in school improvement.
    • Assure that staff development activities support the school improvement plan.
    • Advocate for equity for all students.
    • Track and/or keep informed of grants.
  • For the 2022-23 school year, meetings are tentatively scheduled for:

    11/14/22, 12/5/22, 1/23/23, 2/27/23, 3/20/23, 4/17/23, 5/15/23

    Meetings are open to the public.

    Members include:

    Andrea Porter-Lopez, Principal

    Paige Byquist, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator

    Anastasia Lambert, SUN Site Coordinator

    Laura Freeman, Librarian

    Millie Layman, PE Teacher

    Jocelyn Beh, Parent

    Lauren Kawa Funk, Parent

    Ashley Green, Parent

    Rick Reynolds, Community Partner