• Woodlawn is a Code of Color School

    Code of Color beginning Fall 2022 will include:

    On the Top (anything that will be worn all day)

    • Sweaters, sweatshirts, collared shirts should be worn in solid gray, white, or navy
    • Woodlawn T-shirts and Woodlawn partner shirts in any color can be worn any day of the week. This includes Self Enhancement Inc. or Campfire. Woodlawn School specific shirts can be  purchased from the PTA for $5.00 throughout the year and are a cost-effective way of having shirts for the week.
    • As a reminder, only solid colors are appropriate for the Code; no plaids, stripes, tie-dye, prints.
    • Make your outfit your own by wearing a designed long-sleeved shirt of your choice under your Code of Color shirt

    On the Bottom

    • · Bottoms should be worn in Tan/Khaki, Gray, Navy, Black
    • · Slacks, pants, shorts, skirts, sweatpants, leggings
    • · If leggings are worn under shorts or a skirt, they do not need to follow code colors.
    • Make your outfit your own by jazzing up your socks or leggings when they are worn under shorts or skirts.

    Fridays will remain Free Dress Days.

    • We are grateful to partner with all parents, caregivers and families in helping our students come to school ready to learn in their code of color clothing each day. As the summer gets closer and we begin to prepare for next school year we will share store names, websites and coupons for where to find Code of Color items. The emphasis is on color, not any specific brand.

    Students CANNOT wear:

    ● Tops with logos/words/symbols depicting violence,
    substance use, hate speech, or sexually suggestive
    ● Hats (of any kind) inside the building
    ● Bathing suits
    ● Visible underwear

    Friday is Free Dress Day

    Every Friday is a “free dress” day when students can wear clothing of their choosing (i.e. non-code of color); however, the items listed on the “students cannot wear” list are still not allowed.  

    We will have Spirit Days which may include wearing something outside of the uniform policy.


    If students arrive to school in clothing which does not follow the guidelines, a staff member will give the students clothing to change into or students may be asked to call home for someone to bring clothes that match the guidelines. 



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