• Woodlawn is a Code of Color School

    What does that mean?

    According to Woodlawn's Parent & Student Handbook:

    At Woodlawn--Students MUST wear:
    ● A shirt/top that is collared and is solid white,
    burgundy, navy, or black
    ● Bottoms that are tan/khaki, navy, black, plaid
    ● Shoes that are closed-toe and are appropriate for
    Students MAY wear:
    ● A Woodlawn School T-shirt (any day)
    ● Sweaters, Sweatshirts or hoodies that are solid
    white, black, navy, or burgundy and without logos
    (any day)
    ● Sweatpants that are black, navy, or gray (PE days
    ● Non-collared tops that are white, black, navy, or
    burgundy (PE days only)
    ● Hats (outside of the building--entry, recess, and exit)
    Students CANNOT wear:
    ● Tops with logos/words/symbols depicting violence,
    substance use, hate speech, or sexually suggestive
    ● Hats (of any kind) inside the building
    ● Bathing suits
    ● Visible underwear

    Woodlawn shirts are available through the PTA. T-shirts
    are sold at community events, Topic Talks, and PTA
    meetings and coffees.

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