Early Entry to Kindergarten

  • Early Entry to Kindergarten Application 2021-22 

    *** Early Entry to Kindergarten Applications for 2021-22 has closed





    PROCESS Guidelines

    If your child turns 5 between September 1st and October 1st (including Oct. 1) you may request Early Entry to Kindergarten.  There are no exceptions to this requirement.

    EEK is not a TAG identification. Once the child is in Kindergarten, the parent and/or teacher may nominate a child for TAG identification.

    The child must also be currently enrolled in a preschool, pre-kinder, early learning, or headstart program. (Due to many pre-schools being closed due to COVID-19, preschool may not be required, but recommended) For more information regarding readiness, please refer to additional information on Oregon Early Learning Standards. 

    1. Assessment

    Families will need to provide documentation of outside intellectual assessment. Applicants must have a full-scale composite 80th percentile on the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI) in order to qualify. 

    For families that may face financial hardship, there is an option for a reduced rate with MindSights PDX. In order to be eligible for the reduced rate, families will need to apply for free/reduced lunch through PPS Nutrition Services. Complete and send this form to nutritionservices@pps.net. Please let MindSights know when scheduling the assessment that you have qualified and would be interested in receiving the reduced rate.

    The TAG Department is not responsible for any fees related to the requested assessment. 

    2. Application

    If the child meets the age eligibility requirement and the assessment requirement, parent/guardian must complete the formal request for early entry for their child. This is a digital application that will open on February 17th and closes on March 16, 2021. These dates are for lottery programs. Early Entry to neighborhood programs application opens March 2, 2021, and closes May 13, 2021.

    3. Preschool Questionnaire

    After a formal application has been submitted, the TAG Dept. will be requesting additional information from the child's current childcare/preschool teacher. This information will be considered in the recommendation. 

    4. Recommendation

    The recommendation decision will be made based upon the parent application, preschool questionnaire, and assessment information. Once the letter is sent to the family and school with the TAG Department's recommendation, the parent will be instructed to contact the school about enrollment.

  • Outside Testing Resources

    The organizations and doctors listed below are those previously used by PPS families, but are not required to be used in this process. 


    MindSights PDX

    503-222-0707, press 0 for operator


    Financial support options available for families that qualify for Free/Reduced lunch. 


    Dr. Laura Bennett





    Maria Berman, Psychologist, PH.D.




    Financial support options available for families that qualify for Free/Reduced lunch. 

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