School Address: 2231 N. Flint Ave. Portland, Oregon 97227

    School Phone Number: (503)916-5630

    When is the first day of school?
    Monday, August 27th - 6th grade school
    Tuesday, August 28th - all students

    What time does school start and end?

    What is the bus schedule?
    See the Bes Schedule page

    What is the cost for Breakfast?
    Free for all students

    What is the cost for Lunch?
    Free and Reduced Rate: Free
    Lunch: $3.15
    More information

    What After School Programming will be provided?
    Maurice Lucas Programming will begin September 24th
    SUN SCHOOL will begin January, 2019 (Services provided by Self Enhancement, Inc.)

    When will students receive their class schedules?
    Student schedules will be sent the week of August 20th

    Will students that attend the Boys and Girls Club be transported after-school?



  • Student Supplies

    1. 2.5" binder w/pocket dividers
    2. Pencils and pens
    3. Pencil holder
    4. Scientific calculator
    5. Composition books: lined and graphing
    6. Highlighter
    7. Pencil Sharpener
    8. Water bottle