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  • Forecasting for 2021-22!

    It's time to start thinking about forecasting electives for the next school year! Have you already created your list of requests?* If not, be sure to do so now! PLEASE COMPLETE THIS INFORMATION BY FRIDAY, APRIL 23!

     - I am an incoming 5th Grader who needs to choose my preferences: Click here.

    Also: fifth graders, be sure to check the TOP of this website! There is a special section with resources to help your transition from elementary to middle school! Don't see it? Click here for resources!

     - I attend HTMS right now, and need to select my preferences for next year (Grade 6/7): Click here.

    *Please note; we will try to accommodate requests as possible, but scholars may not always receive all of the courses or electives they have requested.

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