• 1/17/2022

    a message from portland public schools

    January 17, 2022

    From the Principal

    Hello, こんにちは, Kon'nichiwa Dear Richmond Community,

    I hope that this three-day weekend has been what your family needed it to be. Everything is so different in the world than in pre-pandemic days, and as guidance evolves in response to capacity, we continue to develop new ways to manage all the things, including valued traditions. We’re so grateful to the PTA for offering a virtual event to celebrate Japanese New Year together on Saturday (see below for follow-up sharing.) Today our nation celebrates the life and legacy of the amazing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I hope families have shared their Dreams with one another. My own dream is that we will emerge from this pandemic with our eyes open to all the possibilities of a purposeful future in which we each take action to care for community, making every day a day of service, and one in which we stand up united against racism in all its forms and the oppression of marginalized beings everywhere. I hope for hope that inspires thoughtful action and that I’m raising my own child to recognize their role and responsibility as a change-maker. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”~ MLK

    As always THANK YOU, ありがとうございます, Arigatōgozaimasu!

    All best, Be Well, and Let’s Take Care of Each Other,

    Alicia sensei

    From the School


    Richmond Items of Note - see below areas for any event meeting links/detail

    ✩ 1/17 Mon. NO School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    ✩ 1/28 Fri. NO School for Students - Teacher Planning/Grading Day

    ✩ 1/31 Mon. POSSIBLY NO School for Students - per Fri 1/14 PM email

    ✩ 2/1 Tues (OR Mon 1/31 per above) Quarter 3 begins - Switch AM/PM for K, 1, 2 & 4

    ✩ Read for Richmond (info & dates coming soon)

    SCHOOL NEWS, NOTES & Reminders
    COVID SAFETY INFO, UPDATES & REMINDERS We hope that families are following the latest Covid updates to stay informed as things continue to evolve: national, local (very helpful description on the latest changes!), and district. On Friday, MESD announced changes for Contact Tracing to only Maskless activities in school, for us that’s lunch. Positive case Isolation & Close Contact Quarantine timelines are now reduced (was 10, now 5 days with a return on Day 6 IF feeling well) and may in fact be over by the time individuals are aware of their own case as a positive patient and/or exposure. It is that much more critical that families use the Family Daily Illness Screening tool before coming to campus and Stay Home If Ill while communicating all absences to the office. Symptom-free Fully Vaccinated students and staff are exempt from school quarantine after an exposure. Unvaccinated students who are identified as a campus close contact exposure are eligible for the new PPS Test-to-Stay program and those exposed off-campus are eligible for Test-to-Return (slides & Consent links - come to West Cafeteria Door 5 at Arrival with your Notification Information and we’ll follow the relevant procedures). Multnomah County Health Department continues to update Vaccination opportunities at multco.us/vaccineclinics. IF Richmond is told to move to TDL (Temporary Distance Learning) we’ll share information with families as soon as we can. We so appreciate families sending students well-geared up for weather and in protective masks that fit well all day without educator-reminders!

    OHSU SCREENER UPDATE Backpack Check reminder - OHSU test kits and labels (3 sets) were sent home on Friday 1/14, instead of Monday due to the holiday. Test collection will happen on Tuesday as usual. Please contact Kirstin in the office at kyamakawa@pps.net with Richmond-specific distribution queries. For program and/or result-specific inquiries, please contact OHSU directly at 833-376-1027 / k12covidtesting@ohsuhealthmarketing.com.

    LOST & FOUND REPEAT If your child lost an item between September and December and you were not able to check the lost and found on Wednesdays, please fill out this form for a staff member to look for your item(s). Please note that we will only contact you if we CANNOT find your item(s) or need clarification. If we can find it, we will send the item home with your child. This form will be reviewed roughly once a week and will be closed at the end of January. Items lost the last week of December and moving forward will still be collected in the Lost and Found (by the Dance Studio during the day) and brought out in front of the school on Wednesdays (volunteers permitting, please sign up in Konstella if you can help with this).

    CHEERS to our Family VOLUNTEERS! A huge thank you for all of our community volunteer efforts! Daily Safety Patrol support, Arrival Chalking, Lunch Helpers, Mon/Tues OHSU Screener collection/distribution, and Wednesday Lost & Found supports! Turn-out has been amazing, and it’s been lovely having family collaborators back on campus. Staff have been polled about their feelings related to allowing more volunteers into the building during this ongoing pandemic, and we’ve agreed that the PTA Class Representatives can all be considered Essential Volunteers (already cleared as Fully Vaccinated and Background Checked) so that the annual ONK Art Auction projects can happen. With omicron spreading, we remain cautious and also look forward to a day when more opportunities for volunteering on campus are possible. Please continue to check out the Konstella volunteer sign-ups and pitch in if you can. Many hands make light work : )

    SEGC UPDATE PPS Enrollment Balancing efforts continue with recommendations slated to go to the Board mid-February. To keep current with the recommendations, proposal models, and any further opportunity to participate in processes, please refer to the district’s www.pps.net/enrollmentbalancing webpage. Schools were asked to share this most recent January 6 Meeting Summary with school communities.

    From the Community

    Richmond Foundation リッチモンドファウンデーション

    Join the Foundation Team The Richmond Foundation is still actively seeking family volunteers to support our planning and join the leadership team! We are a very slim team of 2 at the moment and as PPS prepares to share staffing allocations in February, we’re anticipating the need to galvanize the community this spring. Historically Richmond families have funded multiple staff positions (1-2 teachers and 2 EAs) to support our unique DLI program. With Covid-enrollment decline, we just don’t know yet how the allocations will line-up with our class sizes. Stay tuned for Foundation campaign goals and plans to activate. Please reach out to us at rsf.pdx@gmail.com to get involved and join our team! Donate HERE any time & check out our website for more information https://www.richmondschoolfoundation.org/.


    Japanese New Year’s Festival Follow-Up! Thanks to all those who joined us for the Japanese New Year’s Festival on Saturday morning! We were so happy to see so many smiles and to start 2022 together with you all! If you missed it, view the recording at this link with Passcode: wMBdk4@P

    Special Thanks for Special Guest Japanese Cultural "Edutainer", Yumi Torimaru (founder/director of Takohachi, and creator of Kotori Japanese Music) Yumi is an award-winning professional musician with a huge passion to share Japanese musical instruments and music. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel to learn more about Japanese culture and music! Thank you very much for volunteering, Yumi!!!

    Thank you en-Taiko!! This is the original video clip from the festival event. We miss seeing their live performances at Richmond, but they are still very much active. If you are interested in them, visit their homepage at http://www.entaiko.org

    Thank you again. We hope you all have a wonderful year!!

    PTA Cultural Committee, Haruka Takanuma, Naomi Molstrom, and Yuko Lemoine

    PTA Focuses on Equity Please visit our newly created Richmond Equity Space. This is the place where we will share the Equity Term of the Week with Learn More links, as well as previously posted equity terms and links.

    Equity Term of the Week: Inclusion

    Dates and meeting links for the Affinity and Anti-racist Learning Spaces meeting this week can be found in the Richmond Equity Space as well.

    Oya No Kai 

    Donate gift cards & event tickets to the Oya No Kai auction
    Are you looking for a new way to support your favorite local shops and restaurants? Buy a gift card and donate it to the Oya No Kai auction. Do you have season tickets to the Blazers, Timbers, Thorns, the Oregon Symphony or a local theater? Give your seats for a game or performance to the auction, and you’ll support Oya No Kai, too. If you have questions or want to donate, please email ellee.thalheimer@gmail.com

    Follow Oya No Kai on Instagram
    We are posting photos of our fabulous auction donations and other Oya No Kai activities on Instagram @oyanokaipdx. Follow us! 

    Become a Host Family!

    We have 18 new Japanese teaching interns arriving in March, and we need your help to host them!

    Being a host family is one of the most fun, rewarding, and popular parts of our Japanese Dual Language Immersion (JDLI) program. When you welcome an intern into your home, you learn about each other’s culture and language and build friendships that last a lifetime.

    You can be a host family if you: 

    • Live within a 45 minute bus ride of one of our three JDLI schools (Richmond, Mt. Tabor or Grant).
    • Have a separate bedroom for the intern. Bathrooms may be shared.
    • Can host an intern for six months (from March-October or October-March).
    • Accept, welcome and treat your intern like a member of the family. 
    • Provide a comfortable, safe and supportive environment for your intern. (All interns are fully vaccinated.)

    To learn more about becoming a host family and the interns who are coming in March, look for program manager Midori Yamanaka next to Rich Coffee on Wednesday and Friday mornings, or email her at midori.yamanaka@oyanokai.org. Thank you!