• More Than 96% of Active PPS Employees Fully Vaccinated by State Deadline

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    (Photos by Beth Conyers)

    The state of Oregon’s requirement that all school employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 will have a minimal impact in Portland Public Schools classrooms and campuses. As of the state deadline of Monday, October 18, more than 96% of the district’s employees were fully vaccinated.

    “We are incredibly pleased and proud that the vast majority of Portland Public Schools employees have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19,” said Guadalupe Guerrero, Superintendent of PPS. “This is not only a sign of their dedication to keeping students protected, but it signifies a common understanding that vaccination is the best possible protection against this deadly virus.”

    PPS was the first K-12 school district in the state to announce vaccine requirements. Key numbers: 

    • 96.3% of the district’s 7,426 employees reported being fully vaccinated
    • 1.3% reported having at least the first dose of the vaccine. Employees in process of being fully vaccinated received a medical exception on a temporary basis until their full vaccine series is complete.
    • 2.4% of employees reported not being vaccinated, with 158 requesting either a medical or religious exception, 111 of which were approved. Those who did not respond to the employee survey were primarily on leaves of absence, inactive substitute educators, temporary employees or inactive coaches. 

    “Our educators inspire us all because of what they are willing to do for our students,” said PPS Chief Human Resources Officer Sharon Reese. “They are dedicated to the greater good and protection of students. This is just another indication of that.” 

    A small number of employees were placed on unpaid leave and will be unable to return to work while PPS Human Resources processes their non-disciplinary termination. They include four classroom educators, five paraeducators, 10 custodians, six nutrition staff and three student transportation drivers.