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Our richly-diverse community nurtures life-long learning to support all students
in achieving their very highest educational and personal potential.

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  • Hello wonderful Vestal Community!

    A few notes...

    * Friday, February 3 is Vestal Spirit day! (And the Spinning Wheel!)

    * 2nd quarter Report Cards are being mailed home this Friday! Watch your mail!

    * Picking up your child- If you ever need to pick your child up from school during the school day, please be aware of our process:

    * If you know ahead of time.... it is very helpful to call the office and let them know. For example, "I'll be picking up my child******* at 12:30 for a Dr. appt." In this case, we can have your child ready to go and in the office when you arrive. Again, if we know ahead of time, we can have your child walk to meet you at the front door once we confirm it is you! (We can watch this whole process on our office cameras!) Our preference is to have you always come to the office, so please allow yourself the time needed. 

    * If you don't know ahead of time, please come to the door, buzz in, walk to the office and let staff know who you are picking up. Our staff will then call the classroom and your child will gather their things and walk to the office.

    * Please DO NOT go directly to the classroom door....always come to the office first. This is a security precaution first and we also don't want to interrupt class teaching and learning. If you show up at the classroom door, the teacher is supposed to ask you to come to the office, please do this without any further interruption to their teaching.

    * Please do not plan on picking your child up between 2:00-2:15 unless it is a real emergency. This time is so busy for us and we want to make all students go home the way they are supposed to! If you arrive between 2:00-2:15, please wait outside for your student to come out with their class.

    * Thank you for your cooperation and for agreeing to and following these guidelines to keep all students safe.

    * Questions, ask your child's teacher or email me!

    Thanks so much, takes a village!

    Ms. Sabrina


    Hello amazing Vestal Community,

              This week in P.E. finds us at the halfway point of the year. In K-2 the students will be exploring rhythms and body movements through dance. The students will be guided through a dance and taught the moves before being able to come up with their own dances while picking their own songs( kidz bop). The students in grades 3-5 will be starting their health and fitness unit by taking a look at the importance of staying physically active for a lifetime.We will also be discussing ways to stay physically active outside of the school setting. February also finds us taking a deeper dive into the lives and accomplishments of athletes around the world in honor of Black history month. As always, thank you for allowing me to work with your amazing students!

    Have a great week, Vestal!! 

    Coach C

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