Academic Results

  • The Odyssey Program has a track record of student achievement and success. It has proven successful for a wide range of students, from students who have struggled to perform in other schools, to the highest performing, talented and gifted students who have not found enough challenge in other types of programs.

    Our academic curriculum is aligned to district standards for the core subject areas of math, science, literature, language arts, and history. Our academic standards are rigorous, while allowing students to be placed at the level appropriate to their needs in each subject area.

    The success of the Odyssey curriculum is confirmed by the results of state and district achievement tests. Odyssey is consistently among the highest-scoring schools in the district, with students outperforming district averages in all tested subject areas.

    Click Here to view recent Portland public schools test results
    Select the 20XX State Test Scores tab and look for the Hayhurst/Odyssey row.
    All scores reflect percentage of students from each school who met or exceeded state standards in each test.