• Benson Library Policies


    Benson Library Expectations for Students

    In order to keep the Benson Library an attractive and academic space, we require students to do the following...

    • Have a signed Library Pass from their teacher or Early/Late Release card and sign in with your full name and teacher.


    • Use the library and the computers for an academic purposes. Personal reading is encouraged also. Gaming of any kind, on any device, is restricted to lunch and after school.


    • Food and drink are not allowed in the library. They may be kept out of sight in a backpack or given to the librarians for safe keeping while you are in the library.


    • Use a quiet voice or whisper at all times and keep personal conversations to a minimum. Profanity is strongly discouraged.


    • Silence your personal technology and take phone calls outside the library. Keep music/ videos volume low enough that it does not disturb others and always use headphones.


    • Art projects/ homework using supplies other than colored markers or colored pencils are not allowed.


    Students who choose not to follow the Benson Library’s Expectations will be required to leave the library for the rest of the day. Repeated offenses will result in referrals and/or ban from use of the library.




    New Procedure for Flex/Tutorial Time

            Beginning Thursday, Oct. 19th, students wanting to spend Flex/Tutorial Time in the Benson Library will need to follow these rules:

           1. The Benson Library will be limited to 18 students on the Chrome boxes and 32 students at the library tables. Students may

               not be on the floor, standing around, sitting on the tables, etc.

           2. A sign-up sheet will be available at the Circulation Desk at the beginning of first period and throughout the day until Flex/Tutorial time.

           3. Only students who sign up that day for Flex/Tutorial will be allowed into the library, except for those using the Print Station.

              They will be required to leave as soon as their item has printed.


    To sign up to use the Benson Library during Flex/Tutorial:

          1. Students must be willing to work/study/read quietly the entire period without leaving, except to use the bathroom or to check in with a teacher.

          2. Students must be using the Chrome boxes for school/college/career work. Playing games, watching videos,

              or otherwise “surfing” the internet is not allowed during this time. (Students are allowed to play games, etc. during lunch or after school.)

          3. Students may talk quietly at their table if they are working together or helping one another with school work.

          4. Students who are only “hanging out”, playing on their phones, charging their phones, or waiting for sports practice without also doing

              schoolwork quietly, will be asked to leave.



Last Modified on November 14, 2017