• Q & A on Benson Library Expectations

           1.      Have a signed Library Pass from their teacher or Early/Late Release card and sign in with your full name and teacher.



    What is an Early/Late Release card?

    This is a card issued by the Counseling Office if you do not have a class at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day. If you have a free period (no class), please see the Counseling Office Secretary for the form to fill out. Please carry this card with you when you come to the library, in case you are required to show it to the librarians.

         2.     Use the library and the computers for an academic purposes. Personal reading is encouraged also. Gaming of any kind, on any device, is restricted to lunch and after school.


    Why can’t I play games any time I want?

    The purpose of the Benson Library is to serve students who need a place to study and research.

    This means that the computers need to be reserved for those students who are doing that. Several times a month, students come to the Circulation Desk and complain that there are no computers available for them to use. Invariably, it means that the librarians need to ask students who are playing games/watching videos to leave. Often, students have told us that they would prefer not to bother other students playing games/watching videos on the computers, and will just leave without being able to do their homework.

    Also a problem, is the large amount of noise that game-playing students make as they are excited and are winning or losing are yelling at each other.

    *Students can still play games and watch videos during lunch or after school.

     3.    Food and drink are not allowed in the library. They may be kept out of sight in a backpack or given to the librarians for safe keeping while you are in the library.


    Why can’t I eat and drink in the Benson Library?

    The librarians recognize that students need to stay hydrated and fueled throughout the school day, however students are able to eat and drink in nearly every other part of the school. Students are welcome to leave their food and drink at the Circ Desk for safekeeping. Also, students are able to finish their food in the hallway outside the library and throw their garbage away then.


    There are several reasons why we are restricting food and drink in the Benson Library.


    • The Benson remodel is several years away. The carpets that are in the Benson Library need to be kept as clean as possible until that time. There are already large permanent stains on the carpet from various drinks that have been spilled.


    • There has been a noticeable increase in the amount of garbage being left by students in the library. This means that garbage has to be picked up and the tables washed by the librarians who are not (and don’t want to be) custodians.


    • The library is only vacuumed once every week or so, as the custodians have time. Benson is a huge building and there is a lot of square footage for them to cover! This means that any crumbs, etc. are likely to remain on the floor unless the mice/ rats/ ants eat them.


    • Food attracts mice, ants, and rats. The librarians have seen mice and ants in the library already. We do not want to see rats too!

    4.     Use a quiet voice or whisper at all times and keep personal conversations to a minimum. Profanity is strongly discouraged.


    Why can’t I talk in a normal voice in the library? I’m not bothering anyone.


    This is what students commonly think. The fact is, the librarians often get complaints from students who say they cannot study because the library is too loud. Students who are talking usually have no idea how much their voices carry or that when they laugh, they are loud.


    Students trying to study will not tell the noisy students to stop talking because they are afraid of being cussed out, accused of bullying, or are just shy. The purpose of the Benson Library is to provide a place for students to study and read. It is not a “student hangout” for students who just want to socialize.

    5.    Silence your personal technology and take phone calls outside the library. Keep music/ videos volume low enough that it does not disturb others and always use headphones.


    Why can’t I talk on my phone and listen to music?


    People using cell phones often speak louder than they realize, which means that not only are they disturbing others, they are also discussing their personal business loud enough for everyone to overhear! Keep your business private and take your phone calls to the hallway.

    Hearing other people’s music is like hearing people talking. It is annoying to those who need quiet to study or do homework. See question #4 for more information.

    6.   Art projects/ homework using supplies other than colored markers or colored pencils are not allowed.


    Why can’t I use glue, paint, glitter, etc.? My art project is for school!


    The library tables are not meant for art projects. The librarians have had to clean up after too many students and scrape glue, tape, paint off of the tables. Also, anything that falls on the floor is there for the rest of the week, if not longer. Glitter never goes away!

    The library is simply not set up for these types of messes. Students are able to use the hallways or a teacher’s classroom.

Last Modified on August 20, 2021