By building on your prior knowledge of math concepts from other courses, Financial Literacy will help you learn the time value of money, how to evaluate the best cell phone contract, how to build a business plan by knowing costs, profits, and breakeven points, and much more.  

    This course features ten units under six financial umbrellas:  Investing, Banking, Credit, Income Taxes, Insurance, and Household Budgeting.  It reviews and strengthens your algebra mechanics and problem-solving skills, while at the same time teaches you selected advanced mathematics topcs such as piecewise functions, regression, limits, exponential functions, linear/quadratic systems, and more.


    First Semester 


    Unit 1 The Stock Market   

           Target 1       Target 2      Target 3     Unit Test

        HW# 1  Open account with howthemarketsworks and buy at least 1 stock

        HW# 2   Have at least five transactions

        HW# 3   Have at least 10 different stocks on your portfolio


    Unit 2 Modeling a Business

           Target 4       Target 5    Unit Test

        HW# 4   Diversify your stock = at least 4 different categories

        HW# 5   Buy more stock - your cash balance should be less than $200.00


    Unit 3 Banking Services

            Target 6      Target 7      Unit Test

        HW# 6   Do at least 5 sell, 5 buy (Replace the lowest performance of 5 stock in your portfolio)

        HW# 7   Cash back:  Increase your cash balance (at least $2000.00) while maintaining 10 stocks

        HW# Stock Final  We need to end this stock experiment --> Cash all out and make sure you have profit.  You have to pay back 10K


    Project 1 - Goto google classroom  Report on your portfolio - Sample


    Unit 4 Consumer Credit

            Target 8       Target  9        Unit Test

        HW# 8    Look for 3 car you like within your budget range and its locations. Post it in your google class

        HW# 9    Look for 3 lending institutions that offer used car loan and find its term and auto loan's rate


    Unit 5 Automobile Ownership

            Target 10      Target 11    Target 12    Unit Test

         HW# 10     Create spreadsheet for car purchasing with loan rate

         HW# 11     Calculate the monthly payments (show work) for the three loans on HW# 9, with and without 20% of down payment 

         HW# 12     Adding column of total depreciation and total payment after 3 years


    Unit 6 Employment Basics

            Target 13       Target  14        Unit Test

         HW# 13   Do gain/lost analysis and decision to sell - Check your car's value

         HW# 14   Write an adverstisment to sell


    Project 2   Story of your car - Sample


    Second Semsester 


    Unit 7 Independent Living

            Target 15       Target  16        Unit Test

         HW# 15   Pretend that you have a job:  List a detail of its wage and benefit, specify weekly, monthly income  

         HW# 16   Describe your residential living and its payment


    Unit 8 Prepare a Budget

            Target 17      Target 18        Unit Test

        HW# 17   List your fix utilities expenses  (monthly spending)

        HW# 18   List your fix daily expenses and occasional expenses 

    Unit 9  Income Tax

         Target 19       Target 20         Unit Test

     Form 1040  Schedule A  Schedule B

       HW# 19   List of things that you want to have in future and its budgeting to achieve 

       HW# 20   Prepare a budget spreasheet

    Project 3     Personal Budget Plan

    Unit 10 Theoretical Probability / Counting rules  (MTH 105)

         Target 21     Target 22           Unit Test

      HW# 21

      HW# 22 

    Unit 11 Statistic: Measures of Central Tendencies and Spread (MTH 105)

          Target 23      Target 24          Unit Test

      HW# 23

      HW# 24 

    Unit 12 Language and Rules of Logic (MTH 105)

          Target 25      Target 26      Target 27   Unit Test

     HW# 25

     HW# 26

     Project 4 

    Grading weight

    Class work:  Targets  40%

    Projects (Homework) 10%         

    Assessment / Test      45%     

    • Assessment is at the end of Target.  
    • Test is at the end of Unit

    Participate     5%

     Grading Scale: 

    Using PPS Total Points (A-F) with D structure