• I am not teaching PreCalc this school year 2019-2020

    Below are your reference from last year

    Math Art (2018-2019)

       Click on the link will open desmos page of student's art work:

    Celena Pham                   Geedi Ali                  John Anthony

    Kyle Nguyen                    Nathan Berres   2      Phi Nguyen

    Remy Fosso                     Sarah Roberts           Simone Kyes

    Solomon Blaze                 Sydney Pfenning        Trinity Webber


    Year End Project: Roller Coaster

    (Piecewise function and Continuous Properties - Limit ) 


    Celena Pham                   Geedi Ali                  John Anthony

    Kyle Nguyen                    Phi Nguyen

    Remy Fosso                     Sarah Roberts           Simone Kyes

    Solomon Blaze                 Sydney Pfenning        Trinity Webber

    Pre Calculus: List of Topics

    Unit 1: Relations and Functions

    Target 1   HW1

    Function Basics

    Working with Functions

    Function Domain and Range

    Equations of a Line

    Graphing Functions

    Target 2  HW 2

    Quadratic Functions: The Vertex

    Manipulating Graphs: Shifts and Stretches

    Manipulating Graphs: Symmetry and Reflections

    Target 3   HW 3

    Composite Functions


                Test on Relations and Functions

    Unit 2: Polynomial and Rational Functions

    Target 4   HW 4

    Polynomials:  Long Division

    Polynomials:  Synthetic Division

    The Remainder Theorem

    The Factor Theorem

    The Rational Zero Theorem

    Zeros of Polynomials

    Graphing Simple Polynomial Functions

    Target 5  HW 5

    Simplify Rational Expression

    Rational Functions / Asymptotes

    Graphing Rational Functions

    Inequalities: Rational and Radicals

        Test on Polynomial and Rational Functions

    Unit 3: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    Target 6

    Function Inverses

    Finding Function Inverses

    Target 7

    Exponential Functions

    Applying Exponential Functions

    Logarithmic Functions

    Properties and Graphs of Logarithms

    Evaluating and Applying Logarithms

    Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

    Applying Exponents and Logarithms

          Test on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    Unit 4: Special Topics

    Target 8

    Conic Sections: Parabolas

    Conic Sections: Ellipses

    Conic Sections: Hyperbolas

    Identifying Conic Sections

    Target 9

    Sequences and Series


    Target 10

    Binomial Coefficients and the Binomial Theorem

    Combinations, Permutations and Probability

          Test on Speical Topics


        End of First Semester 


    Unit 5: Systems of Equations and Matrices

     Target 11

    Solving linear system by subtitution

    Linear Systems of Equations in Three Variables

    Linear Programming

     Target 12

    Operations with Matrices

    Using Reduced Row Echelon Form to Solve Linear Systems

    Evaluating and Applying Determinants

    Using Inverses of Matrices to Solve Linear Systems

     Target 13

    Solving Nonlinear Systems

    Partial Fractions

           Test on Systems of Equations and Matrices


    Unit 6: The Trigonometric Functions

    Target 14

    Angles, Radian Measure, and Arc Length

    Right Angle Trigonometry

    The Trigonometric Functions

        Extra Credit:  More on basic trig

    Target 15

    Graphing Sine and Cosine

    Graphing Sine and Cosine Functions with Vertical and Horizontal Shifts

    Graphing Other Trigonometric Functions

          Test on Trigs Functions 

    Unit 7: Trigonometric Identities

     Target 16

    Basic Trigonometric Identities

    Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions

    Proving Trigonometric Identities

    Inverse Trigonometric Functions

    Solving Trigonometric Equations

    The Sum and Difference Identities

    Double-Angle Identities

    Other Advanced Identities

    Target 17

    The Law of Sines

    The Law of Cosines

    Vectors: Operations and Applications

    Components of Vectors and Unit Vectors

    Complex Numbers in Trigonometric Form

    Using DeMoivre's Theorem to find Powers and Roots of Complex Numbers

          Test on Trigonometry Identities


    Unit 8: Topics in Pre Calc

    Target 18

    Rotation of Conics

    Parametric Equations

    Graphs of Polar Equations

    Functions in Polar Coordinates and their Graphs

    Polar Equations of Conics.

    Target 19

    The Concept of a Limit and Finding Limits Graphically

    Target 20

    The Limit Laws

    Evaluating Limits

    Continuity and Discontinuity

              Test on Pre Calc


    Home work  10%

    Online at  www.deltamath.com 


    Target          40%

    Click on the link above to download


    Assessment / Test    45%

    Assessment is at the end of Target.  

    Test is at the end of Unit

    Portfolio / Exam are at the end of Semsester


    Participate     5%


    Text book: 

    Although I do not follow the sequence of the textbook here, students can always (and welcome to) use it as a resources of info   Click for e-textbook 



    Grading Scale: 

    Using PPS Total Points (A-F) with D structure


    Activity:  Trig Tactile                  Students' work


    Here is some desmos for your reference


    1.  Linear function thru 2 given points


    2.  Quadratic function thru 3 given points


    3.   Visualize a complex root of quadratic equation 


    4.  Cubic function thru 4 given points


    5.  Visualization of six trig functions on unit circle


     (Click will open in desmos.com)