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    Multnomah County Library (MCL) has thousands of eBooks, audiobooks, and other online resources available to support students. Below you will find links to apply for a temporary library card, if you don't have one already. MCL also offers eBooks and audiobooks that have an unlimited number of checkouts, meaning no wait time, along with a comprehensive Homework Help Center. 

  • Need a library card?

    If you don't have a MCL library card, you can quickly apply for one online HERE. You will be provided a code which you can begin using immediately to start accessing eBooks and audiobooks.


    Check out the eBook titles that are available from Multnomah County Library. The links below will take you to a list of eBooks that are called: "No Wait, No Problem," meaning these eBooks are available right now and you can download and begin reading these books immediately! 

    Use the link HERE to access all of the Teen/Young Adult eBooks that are currently available from MCL.


    Use the link HERE to access all fo the Kids eBooks that are currently available from MCL.



  • Always Available Audiobooks

    Use the link HERE to access all of the Young Adult audiobooks that are always available from MCL. Always available means there is an unlimited number of checkouts for that title so there is no wait time!

  • MCL Homework Center

    Click HERE to access the MCL Homework Center. The MCL Homework Center has a wide range of resources to support students in their academic work, including databases, live homework help, research tools, and links to resources for common homework questions.