• Meet the Library Ladies


    The Library Ladies is a partnership between Louise Chambers (Teacher Librarian) and Laura Jones (Library Assistant). Together we ensure the Odyssey Library is open all day, every day to support students, staff, and families.


    Odyssey Library Mission:

    The core belief of Odyssey Library is that all are welcome here! Raising up diverse voices and experiences guides all our instructional, programming, and resource collection decisions. Our library provides opportunities for K-8 students, staff, and families to explore, collaborate, create, and share their personal learning journeys. Inquiry and literacy skills are at the heart of library class instruction to support students in developing the necessary critical thinking and social-emotional competencies necessary to be resourceful and compassionate participants in their communities.


    Who We Are:


    Louise Chambers, Media Specialist Louise Chambers - Teacher Librarian

    I have been teaching in some form since 2007 and previously worked as a K-5 Reading Intervention Specialist. I have a Master in Teaching (Elementary Education) with an endorsement in Library Media, and am working on completing my Master of Library and Information Science through San José State University. My other passion is performing and storytelling, and I have worked as a professional actress in the Pacific Northwest for 15+ years since completing my Bachelor of Music (Voice) at Portland State University. I love cross-disciplinary education that integrates the arts and humanities, so being part of the Odyssey community is a dream position!

    Email: lchambers@pps.net   Hours: Wednesday (PM), Thursday, Friday 



    Laura Jones, Library Assistant Laura Jones - Library Assistant, Site Technology Leader

    With a degree in history and a daughter who attended Odyssey, I am thrilled to be a part of the Odyssey community.  As a kid you could often find me hiding in a backyard tree with a book so working in a library is my dream job! My first job with PPS was at Hayhurst/Odyssey 15+ years ago.  I also worked at Kelly ES and Lincoln HS before coming back to Hayhurst and Odyssey and prior to PPS I worked in public libraries.  My favorite books as a child were Nancy Drew mysteries and that’s still my favorite genre, but I love discovering new reads. 

    Email: ljones2@pps.net    Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (AM)