• Muti-Age Classrooms, Teaming, and Integrated & Experiential Learning

    MultiAge Classrooms

    The Odyssey Program is organized around 3 multi-age "clusters":  

    • K12 (Kindergarten, first grade, second grade)
    • 345 (third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade)
    • 678 (sixth grade, seventh grade, eighth grade)

    Our multi-age classrooms and blended grade levels allow students to progress at their unique development rates.  For math, reading and literature, students are placed in groups according to their assessed needs.  For all other subjects, students work in mixed-age teams of both older and younger students at a variety of academic levels.


  • Teaming

    In each cluster, there are teams made of 3-5 students from different grade levels. One of the older students functions as the Team Captain. The Captain helps lead their teammates through group projects throughout the integrated curriculum. Working on a team allows younger students to experience complex tasks, learn content and strategies from older students, as well as learn to work with different people. As a Captain, a student is charged with motivating their teammates the support and motivation needed to complete the group tasks. While doing this, teachers are moving between teams to help as a facilitator. Teaming can be a challenging part of the program, but upon leaving eighth grade, students have the tools to navigate working with many different people in a collaborative way. 


  • Integrated & Experiential Learning

    We believe that when students experience learning, it comes alive. At the Odyssey Program, all subjects, outside of math, are integrated so that students are able to see multiple perspectives of a topic. This will include literature, science, social sciences, history, and more. At The Odyssey Program, we also believe in getting students out of the classroom to bring their learning to life. Each cluster puts on a large-scale performance to share their learning with friends and family. Finally, in our 345 and 678 clusters, we go on multi-day overnight field studies that are directly linked to the learning in the cluster for that year. Performances and Field Studies are some of the fondest memories of alumni! 


    Students at a desk working.Kids on Field Study.678 Performance